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This is a guide to all things at the intersection of Youth-at-risk, Singapore and social change. Feel free to edit if you’d like to improve it!

Past Events

Youth Events. For upcoming events in this space, refer to the Events Page.

Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Andrew Choo, Chang Chian Hui, Charles Vincent, Chiu Ying Yik, Daniel Ang,Dominic Lim Wan Xian, Evelyn Lai, Geraldine Nguang-Low, Gerard Ee, Glenn Lim, Irene Loi, Iris Lin Liping, Irwan Sahrul, Isaac Lim, Jim Lim, John K E Tan, Joyce Chan, Justin Mui, Kek Seow Ling, Lee Seng Meng, Lieow Shao Wei, Melissa Kwee,Morene Sim, Ng Pei Ling, Ranganayaki Thangavelu, Roger Ong, Sam Kuna, Sheena Jebal, Tan Khye Suan, Tan-Wu Mei Ling¸ Trevor Xie, Wang Kim Meng, Yum Sin Ting

SG Networks & Associations

The National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation has played an instrumental role in monitoring and steering the implementation of many new measures related to the problem of juvenile delinquency. The NYGR continues to address the various problems and issues that face youth and determine appropriate measures with the support of the community to control and eliminate youth crime.

Singapore Youth Workers serves to bring together as many people in Singapore who works with youth directly or indirectly, trained or going to be trained.

Youth Work

Beyond Social Services has a mission to curb delinquency among disadvantaged young people and their families and to move them beyond their problems. They want to develop young people who respect the law, value education and seek to become responsible persons.

Boys' Town was established in 1948 as a charitable institution by the Brothers of St Gabriel. It is a unique Catholic Institution dedicated to providing guidance, shelter, education, vocational training and practical living skills to youths.

CANACT is a social enterprise that transforms caring into action by engaging youths, aid agencies and companies in developing solutions to address the global water crisis.

Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association is a youth development agency that provides school-based social work services, reaching out to primary and secondary youths at risk of academic failure, behaviour problems, emotional maladjustment, self-harm or delinquency.

Clubilya provides meaningful opportunities and high-quality services to youths, in supporting and facilitating their wholesome development into responsible, resilient and progressive adults.

iGROW has been established to attend to the growing psychological needs of the society as many of the problems faced by the modern world are rooted in human behaviour and promotion and development of psychological wellness can help us to find solutions to society's problems. iGROW is made up of a dedicated team of psychologists, counsellors, coaches and youth workers, who have an avid interest in the psychological well-being of every human being.

MCYC Community Services Society aims to help children, youths and parents of all language, race and religion, especially from dysfunctional, disadvantaged and needy families, to develop to their fullest potential, enjoy a balanced family life, become responsible and caring family members, and become useful members of society.

Nulife Care and Counselling Services provides youth with tuition services intergrated together with counselling. NuLife also specializes in preventive, developmental and remedial work targeted at youth-at-risk who are not receptive towards their family support or lack the support from their families.

People of Destiny provides holistic youth services for the residents of Tampine GRC. It hopes to engage, involve and provide opportunities for youth to develop their interests, potential and skills in serving the community.

Project 180 is a youth center, under the umbrella of Fei Yue Community Services. Its name signifies its mission of life transformation, and their hope that the youths and families they serve will experience a 180-degree change in their lives.

Student Advisory Centre s a children and youth charity that started as a helpline to help youths who runaway from home, but expanded quickly to offer various interventions programs.

Students Care Service’s mission is to be a leading social work organisation in enabling students to maximise their potential.

Teen Challenge (Singapore) helpis both teenage and adult drug and alcohol abusers, juvenile delinquents, teenage gang members and youth-at-risk. They provide prevention services and information for individuals with life-controlling problems through Community-based Intervention Programmes, regardless of their race, religion and age.

Youth Guidance Outreach Services aims to prevent and combat juvenile delinquency in Singapore and to render public and social services in the community, reaching and helping youths-at-risk.

Youth Guidance Centre is a community-based mentoring initiative in Singapore which seeks to work closely with partners from the people, public and private sectors to serve and develop at-risk youths through mentoring.

Youth with School Expenses

Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund is a Straits Times charity project which aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by parents in providing for their children's education. The funds will also help children who are already facing difficulties in remaining in school to stay on.

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme provides subsidy for school fees to Singapore Citizen pupils from lower-income and middle income families in Independent schools, except Singapore Sports School, NorthLight School and School Of The Arts which have their own schemes to provide financial assistance to their pupils.

The Lunch Box fund is a cash gift from the Student Advisory Centre to children from poor and needy families. Primary School students are provided S$1 a day and Secondary school students at S$1.50 a day. Once the funds are available, the centre generally sponsors the children for one entire academic year.

Youth with School Issues

School Counselling. The counselling services in school are organised in a tiered system, beginning with teachers, then referral to the Teacher Counsellors, Part Time School Counsellors, Full Time School Counsellors (FTSCs) or external counsellors employed by the school. Pupils requiring more intense intervention are referred to MOE Guidance Specialists or professional agencies, such as the Child Guidance Clinic.

STEP-UP is the core programme for school social work in Singapore. It’s a holistic programme which targets students at risk of dropping out of school, anti-social behaviours and delinquency. It also works with their parents and primary caregivers, as well as their teachers and school management.

BESTARI ITE or bITE is a school social work programme by 4PM which aims to provide a holistic service to the ITE students and create more opportunity for all students to develop, grow and inculcate values such as lifelong and independent learning, have an entrepreneurial mindset and give back and share with the community.

Restorative Practices Singapore is a provider of Restorative Practices/Justice training and support in Singapore. Over 40 schools have embraced the philosophy /ideas & tools of RP to build relationships and manage disruptions (discipline) in the classroom.

Youth with Online Issues

TOUCH Cyber Wellness & Sports works to promote cyber wellness values, healthy gaming and online safety. Through CRUSH (Cyberspace Risks and where U seek Help), TOUCH Cyber Wellness & Sports provides counselling on cyber wellness issues.

iGROW is made up of a dedicated team of psychologists, counsellors, coaches and youth workers, who have an avid interest in the psychological well-being of every human being. iGROW Youth has also been appointed by the Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee (ICSC) of Singapore to be the Service Provider for Cyber Wellness programs in schools, especially Junior Colleges in Singapore.

Youth who need Counselling

The Integrated Programme for Troubled Teenagers (NUR) provides an integrated service for troubled teenagers (below 21 years old) who require counselling. The NUR helpline ( 97777 687 ) assists callers to work through their problems, is managed by PPIS Jurong FSC. Referrals will be made to any one of the 5 NUR Drop In Centres if the youth requires more intervention.

eGen provides an integrated blog and e-counselling.

metoyou Cyber Counselling is a one-to-one real-time online counselling chatroom for youth.

Audible Hearts provides online peer counselling.

iGROW provides counselling for youth, as well as research and public education services on youth issues.

Samaritans of Singapore is for anybody in crisis and persons with suicidal tendencies.

Youth with Bullying Issues

Bully-Free Campaign by Singapore Children’s Society is a good resource for victims of bullying, as well as bullies and bystanders.

Coalition Against Bullying for Children & Youth is a voluntary society set up to help children, youth and adults recognize the different forms of bullying, its effects on the targets of bullying and what can be done to help reduce or prevent bullying.

Action Against Cyber Bullying provides counselling and advice on how victims can resolve cyber-bullying.

Youth who need a Mentor

Adrenalin Events is a social enterprise that focuses on events management and events-related education. It empowers youths-at-risk through events education and subsequently employs them at their events.

Beautiful People is a volunteer project that aims to create a platform for professionals and skilled persons to share skills and spend time will teen girls associated with various community organisations, including family service centres, welfare homes and youth outreach organisations in Singapore.

PODZ Youth Mentoring is for youths completing their rehabilitation programme in the Singapore Boys’ Home or Singapore Girls’ Home. Implementing agencies include Students Care Service, Lutheran Community Care Services, 4PM, City Care, AMP and Trybe.

Positive Intentions is a social enterprise that develops children, youths through life coaching, people development, community training services.

SPLAT! is a public education, outreach and fundraising community arts movement to engage the public into accepting and offering second chances to youths-at-risk and ex-youth offenders while inspiring community action to support their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. This transition is expressed through the arts.

Youth Guidance Centre is a community-based mentoring initiative in Singapore which seeks to work closely with partners from the people, public and private sectors to serve and develop at-risk youths through mentoring.

Youth who need a Drop-in Centre

The NUR Drop In Centres are an iniative under the Community Leaders' Forum. There are currently about 5 drop-in centres islandwide. Clubilya is running the Nur@Yishun. Ain Socierty Nur@Bukit Batok East, AMP - Nur@Pasir Ris, Al Falah Mosque -Nur@Orchard, Pertapis - Nur@Joo Chiat.

D'Den (Care Community Services Society)

Crossroad Youth Centre (Care Corner Admiralty)

POD Centre (City Harvest Community Services Society)

Teck Ghee Youth Centre

MCYC Community Services Society

New Life Youth Hub (New Life Community Services)

Round Box (Singapore Children’s Society)

Youth Centre (Jurong) (Singapore Children’s Society)

YouthReach (Catholic Welfare Services)

Dreams @ Kolam Ayer (Viriya Community Services)

Wesley Youth Centre

Bukit Batok Youth Development Centre (YMCA)

Youth Guidance Centre is a community-based mentoring initiative in Singapore which seeks to work closely with partners from the people, public and private sectors to serve and develop at-risk youths through mentoring.

Out-of-School Youth

Youth Link provides support to premature school-leavers (or OSYs) to guide them to return to the mainstream education system or transit to other meaningful pursuits, such as enrolling in vocational training, employment, or early enlistment in National Service (for males). Implementing agencies are Fei Yue Community Services, Malay Youth Literary Association, TOUCH Youth Limited, Yayasan MENDAKI and YMCA.

OSY Learning Centres. MCYS co-funds VWOs to administer Alternative Learning Centres for OSYs who wish to continue pursuing their education. Implementing agencies include City College and TOUCH Youth Learning Centre.

Youth Outreach Programme serves a vacuum in the HIV/AIDS educational outreach to teenagers here the out-of-school youth. Little is known about this group of teenagers and much help is needed to address this group of young people.

X-Ray (Care Corner FSC Admiralty)

Project Reach (Clubilya)

Project Youth Regeneration Project (The Young Entrepreneur Mastery)


Adrenalin Events

Youth Guidance Centre is a community-based mentoring initiative in Singapore which seeks to work closely with partners from the people, public and private sectors to serve and develop at-risk youths through mentoring.

Youth with Sexuality Issues

No Apologies is a character-based programme for sex, health and relationship education, which seeks to educate, empower and challenge young people to choose abstinence from sex until marriage by imparting good character and values.

Let’s Talk About Sex is a programme designed to help parents understand the issues youth face in today's media-hyped world and gain practical tips for talking to their child about sex and relationships.

Oogachaga provides Counselling and personal development for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning ("LGBTQ") individuals.

Alternative Dateability is a sexuality education programme with a difference. It's centered on the concept of preparing our youths to be 'dateable' youths i.e. youths who are empowered with the right principles, attitudes and character, prepared and ready, before getting involved in any relationship.

Six service providers have been selected by the Ministry of Education to teach sexuality education in schools. They are Fei Yue Community Services, Cornerstone Community Services Centre, Touch Youth, Eka Training Group, High Achievers Training Consultancy and Focus on the Family Singapore.

Youth with Self-Harm Issues

Child Guidance Clinic provides psychological, psychiatric and educational services for adolescents up to 19 years of age.

Eating Disorders Programme (Singapore General Hospital)

Support for Eating Disorders Singapore (Singapore Association for Mental Health)

The YouthReach Centre is a psycho-social recovery programme for children and youths with mental health concerns. The goals of YouthReach are to develop the youth's social and functional competencies through life skills training. The programme also emphasize enhancement of family strengths and resources in order to minimize risk, ensure safety, improve functioning and support families in caring for their children.

Youth with Delinquent Issues

BeaconWorks Programme is a 6-month diversional rehabilitative programme is to help the youth and families stablise existing behaviour problems.

Justice Teen Quest is a series of educational activities, such as quizzes, designed to teach societal and relationship values, to reinforce the need for respect for law and authority, and to raise public awareness of the juvenile justice process.

The StreetWise Programme offers youths identified as gang members by the Criminal Investigation Department a chance to turn around. SWP is an intensive 6-month rehabilitative programme that comprises casework, life skills training, academic and career guidance and recreational activities. Implementing agencies are Youth Guidance Outreach Services, Beyond Social Services, Lakeside Family Centre and Teen Challenge.

Youth Guidance Centreis a community-based mentoring initiative in Singapore which seeks to work closely with partners from the people, public and private sectors to serve and develop at-risk youths through mentoring.

YouthReach is a joint outreach project by Catholic Welfare Services (CWS) and Boys’ Town to serve the youths in our community.Part of the services of CWS-BT YouthReach includes a drop-in centre in Tampines which aims to provide a sense of purpose and direction, and to inculcate values in the lives of the youth.

Videos & Publications

A Guide to School Social Work

The Offline Guide for the Online Generation - A Cyber Wellness Resource

The Right Side – Inter-Ministry Committee on Youth Crime: Commemorating a Decade of Partnership to Rebuild Young Lives

Children At Risk – A Handbook for Teachers

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