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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Albert Ching, Benedict Lim, Bernise Ang, Chee Yunn Ee, Daniel Kalai, Dawn Soh, Desmond Koh, Edmund Kwan, Grace Chan, Jaime Ho, James Soh, Joel Mok, Joseph Tay, Joshua Goh, Karen Lee, Kenny Low, Lee Kaishi, Madhu Verma, Martin Tan, May See, Mirabel Ong, Mohd Ismail Abdul Hakim, Natalya Twohill, Nicholas Lee, Phyllis Tan, Rafael Panes, Raymond Huang, Richardo Chua, Roland Yeow, Sean Kong, Shawn Wong, Shiao Yin Kuik, Sofia Leong, Stanley Chia, Terence Chia, Theodore Teo, Tong Yee, Tricia Yeo, Wilson Ang

SG Networks & Associations

National Youth Council, a division of the People's Association, was set up by the Singapore Government on 1 November 1989 as the national co-ordinating body for youth affairs in Singapore. NYC is the administering body for the Singapore Youth Award, Outstanding Youth in Education Award, and is the liaison body with ASEAN and international organisations on youth development.

The National Youth Council Academy is the training and development arm for NYC. The NYC Academy will provide a spectrum of training and development opportunities for youth and student leaders, to equip them with the skill sets to lead community initiatives. To enrich the youth sector, the NYC Academy will build knowledge sharing infrastructures to facilitate sharing of best practices and experiences across the youth sector.

Youth Network connects key government agencies, business organizations, andyouth sector organizations in a synergy of youth-oriented programs focused on family, career, and interest-based activities.

Youth Research Network publishes Youth Scan, provides updates on new youth studies, and organises youth research sharing sessions.

Youth Work SG is a networking platform for people in Singapore who work with youth, to share and learn about the sector.

Youth Initiatives (Government)


Central Singapore CDC’s High Five Youth

SHINE Youth Festival

Service-Learning Singapore

The Singapore Youth Awards commends youths who open new horizons, and whose service to the community is exemplary.

Young ChangeMakers is a grant scheme that provides funding and resources to youths who are keen on implementing their own short-term community projects.

Youth Expedition Project is a key youth development programme of NYC that encourages volunteerism among youth between the age of 15 and 35 years old to embark on community Service-Learning projects.

Youth-Led Development

Halogen Foundation Singapore seeks to inspire and influence a generation of young leaders who will lead themselves and others well. This generation of world-engaging young people will be civic-minded in everything they do, and socially responsible in everything they create.

Heartware Network engages youths to think beyond themselves, to be proactive in service, and champion the community in what they want Singapore to be.

ECO Singapore aims to establish a voluntary environmental movement, thereby creating opportunities for active involvement by Singaporean youths, instilling a sense of commitment and awareness of environmental issues and global hazards.

Syinc is a youth group in Singapore that connects people to seek innovative solutions for social change.

TOUCH Leadership & Mentoring seeks to impact youths to utilise their potential and develop their leadership qualities through mentoring and Service-Learning.

Trybe is a community of people that transcends geographic boundaries, race, gender, culture, language or religion. We exist to inspire youth to live passionate and purposeful lives that will make an impact on their communities.

youthsthatcare humbly began when like-minded friends of her co-founders gathered periodically for the purpose of raising funds for school/community based projects (CIP). Word got out and it gradually snowballed into the organization it is today as an increasing number of friends and relatives, invited by her founders, became involved in its projects.

Youth Mentoring

Architects of Life provides training and opportunities to mentor youth.

BP International Student Mentoring Project was initiated by BP to encourage young people to volunteer as mentors to their younger peers. Mentors become someone special in a child's life, nurturing and raising his or her potential through weekly sessions over a period of 6 to 12 months of sustained mentoring.

Red Dragonfly Project is a youth development initiative by Asian Journeys Ltd to mentor young people in the HDB Heartlands.

Trybe’s Life Coaching Programme is a structured one-year coaching program developed with the intent to impart key principles for successful living.

Youth Drop-in Centres

Student Care Centres. SCCs provide care and supervision to school-going children aged 7 (Primary 1) to 14 years (Secondary 2). It aims to supervise homework, play, enrichment and recreational activities for school-age children before or after school to enhance their wholesome development. Student Care Fee Assistance is provided for children from families whose household income is below $2,500 per month.

The T-Net Club is a People’s Association subsidiary that provides developmental activities through its 8 drop-in centres, each with its own special areas of interest. Members get to participate in creative learning programmes, community services and sports activities.

Project CABIN is a school-based youth outreach project. Fully functional classrooms or containers are set up at secondary schools to provide an alternative hangout place for youths to “hang out” after school hours. Activities are organised to engage the youth in meaningful activities and positive interaction. It is run by a group of student CABIN Club members under the guidance of teachers and social workers from Singapore Children’s Society. CABIN Club is a co-curricular activity in schools.

Key Projects

Citibank-YMCA Youth For Causes provides youth with a good business idea the opportunity to raise fund for a non-profit organisation of their choice.

Videos & Publications

Singapore Youth Award Inspirational Talk at School of Science and Technology (21 April 2011)
Highlight video of SYA Inspirational Talk at School of Science and Technology (21 April 2011)

Singapore Youth Award Inspirational Talk at Broadrick Secondary School (7 March 2011)
Highlight video of SYA Inspirational Talk at Broadrick Secondary School (7 March 2011) 2006: State of Youth in Singapore

Future of Singapore Youth

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