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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Amy Tan, Anamah Tan, Betty Chen, Catherine Chong, Corinna Lim, Dana Lam, Fazlin Abdullah, Josephine Ng, Katrina Dick, Lynn Tang, Melissa Kwee, Mellisa Rebecca Chong, Mrinalini Venkatachalam, Pia Bruce, Saleemah Ismail, Sarah Mavrinac, Shelley Siu, Tan Joo Hymn, Trina Liang-Lin, Veronica Gamez

International Conventions & Networks

UNIFEM is the women's fund at the United Nations, dedicated to advancing women’s rights and achieving gender equality. It provides financial and technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies that foster women's empowerment. UNIFEM works on the premise that it is the fundamental right of every woman to live a life free from discrimination and violence, and that gender equality is essential to achieving development and to building just societies.

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly, is often described as an international bill of rights for women. Consisting of a preamble and 30 articles, it defines what constitutes discrimination against women and sets up an agenda for national action to end such discrimination.

The Gender Inequality Index is a new measure of inequalities in health, education and the labour market, created by he UNDPto better expose differences in the distribution of achievements between women and men.

The International Women’s Forum is an organization of preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement. Members come together across national and international boundaries to share knowledge and ideas to enrich each other’s lives, to provide a network of support, and to exert influence. Through the Leadership Foundation, the International Women’s Forum helps prepare future generations of women leaders.

SG Networks & Associations

The Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations is the national coordinating body of women’s organisations in Singapore. It seeks to unite the various women’s organisations, clubs, committees, groups and women leaders together, working in accordance with its various aims and objectives. The SCWO also seeks to co-ordinate these associations into a national movement and to act on their behalf in matters for which it is authorised by its members.

National Committee for UNIFEM Singapore promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality. It works to ensure the participation of women in all levels of development planning and practice, and acts as a catalyst within the UN system, supporting efforts that link the needs and concerns of women to all critical issues on the national, regional and global agendas.

PA Women’s Integration Network Council aims to foster organizing abilities and leadership qualities among women, and to promote women’s participation in community and national affairs and to organize wholesome activities for women.

NTUC Women’s Programme Committee acts as the steering committee for women in the labour movement and has the following objectives: to act as a voice for the concerns and aspirations of working women, to ensure a more effective integration of women at all levels of decision-making in the trade union movement, and to help enhance and develop the leadership qualities of women leaders.

Singapore Association of Women’s Lawyers has as part of its aims to enhance and promote the welfare of women and children, and to provide free legal counseling to members of public at community centres.

Chinese Women’s Association organises social activities for their members and fund raising activities for various charities. Its main project is the running of the Henderson Senior Citizens’ Home .

The American Association of Singapore (AAS) is a professional not-for-profit organization established to enhance the well-being and living experience of Americans residing in Singapore and to promote relationships, both business and social, between Americans and those from different cultures and nationalities. The AAS was established in 1917 by a small group of Americans living in Singapore to provide a safety net of community support for American residents. AAS continues to provide community and welfare as well as programs and community events. 10 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229573, Tel: (+65) 6738-0371, www.aasingapore.com.

SG Organisations & Companies

A full listing of women’s groups in Singapore can be found on the SCWO site.
aidha is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enriching lives through financial education. Aidha serves women migrant workers with programmes for confidence-building, money management, and entrepreneurship training. They also offer the micro-credit services necessary to launch small businesses back home.

Asian Women’s Welfare Association has a mission is to pioneer and develop a comprehensive range of services for the disadvantaged from infancy to old age, by enhancing their well-being and empowering them with skills and confidence so as to maximize their potential to lead a dignified and independent life.

Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE) is dedicated to removing all gender-based barriers, whether structural, attitudinal, or self-imposed, that prevent individuals in Singapore from developing their potential to the fullest. AWARE works to identify and eliminate these barriers through research and advocacy, education and training and support services, including a crisishelpline for women.

D.E.W. Credit Co-operative Limited (96 Waterloo Street #02-01 S187967 Tel:6339 8600) provides women with the knowledge and opportunities in gaining independence through money management. In addition to providing loans to members on reasonable terms, it provides women with the knowledge and opportunities gained in economic independence through money management.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Support Group (Singapore). SASS is a confidential self-help support group for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault. This group meets monthly and is solely open to survivors and advocates. Please email Sexual Abuse Survivor Support for details of meeting and venue.

Singapore Muslim Women Association is a non-profit social service organisation dedicated to working with women and their dependents to build sustainable families that are socially and economically independent. PPIS has dedicated its efforts to catalyse and develop positive changes in the lives of the disadvantaged and underrepresented in our community. Currently, it runs 6 childcare centres, a Single Parent Family Service Centre (PPIS As-Salaam), a centre assisting Minor Marriages (Inspirasi PPIS), a centres assisting stepfamilies (PPIS Vista Sakinah), 2 Family Service Centres and 2 Student Care Centres - a total of 14 centres including its Headquarters in Eunos Crescent.

Singapore Women’s Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to actively provide opportunities for women to help one another socially, educationally, culturally and to serve the community especially the elderly, enhance better health, livelihood and social status for women and children, and promote fellowship, cultural interests and participation in the community activities locally and globally.

TSAO Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for older people by alleviating the hardships of ageing through its community health services; promoting successful ageing; and pioneering new approaches to ageing and eldercare throughout Singapore and the region. It also aims to be a catalyst for constructive change by addressing ageing and eldercare issues at policy level.

Wicare Support Group reaches out to the widows and the fatherless to identify with their grief and loss. It povides encouragement and friendship for widows and their children through its family activities, and provides help to widows with talks on single-parenting, financial management, self-care, and other practical topics.

WINGS is a non-profit education centre especially for women aged 40 and older. WINGS was launched in 2006 and aims to improve women's health, financial security and happiness so that they age well. WINGS is a secular, inclusive organisation that aims to work with all religious, ethnic and community groups to help older women age actively.

Young Women’s Christian Association Singapore is a united movement of women based on Christian faith and love with the purpose of bringing women into a community fellowship through which they may grow as Christians by faith, work and deed.

Social Enterprises for Women

A-changin Pte Ltd manages alteration shops that provide sewing basics and employment opportunities for work-capable women in need, especially single mothers. Operates 3 modern alteration studios providing high quality garment alterations.

Ain Society teaches sewing skills with the aim of providing the unemployed single mother or the lower income families with the necessary skills training to prepare them for employment or to be home entrepreneurs.

Aunty & Aunties Limited helps economically inactive aunties by matching them with part-time jobs.

Beyond Imagination Pte Ltd distributes VillageWorks products, which creates employment and providing skills and livelihood to women and young people in third world countries where the Girls’ Brigade Singapore has pioneering work.

ChaCha Cottage provides unskilled single mothers (divorcees, widows & unwed moms) and women in financial need (especially those whose husbands are out of work due to illness), with home-based work of making decorative, scented candles and beauty soaps.

Daughters Of Tomorrowis a retailer of women's products with positive social impact, with profits channeled to livelihood training programmes for women in the 3rd world. It retails organic soap, gifts, apparel, women's and children's accessories, providing employment opportunities to low-income women in Singapore.

Doinky Doodles is a label for colourful handmade objects using 100% recycled clothing and excess fabrics from selected factories.

Handmade Link sells handcrafted products from around the world, which keep underprivileged women employed and independent.

Ikhlas Catering service by Pertapis that hires ex-offenders and single mothers.

Mother and Child Project empowers disadvantaged mothers and their children to become economically self-sufficient by providing them with sewing, and jewellery making skills.

New To You is operated by the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations. Funds raised go towards operational expenses of Star Shelter, a crisis shelter for women.

The Nail Social is a lifestyle nail salon operating mainly as a social enterprise to provide vocational training and employment to local underprivileged women. The salon is located along the hip Haji Lane shopping street, and provides personal iPads with Netflix and wine to all customers.

Singapore Shawl helps to sustain disadvantaged women financially. This group comprises the chronically unemployed, stay-at home caregivers, single mothers, teenage mothers, divorcees, the physically disabled, those from low-income families, cancer survivors and retirees.

Women Enterprise Workz (Weworkz) is a social enterprise facilitated by the South West Community Development Council (CDC). Weworkz seeks to encourage and empower lower-income Singaporean women who are unable to commit to full time employment to engage in home-based economic activities to supplement their household income.

Wingscraft Project targets the special needs of older women and creates avenues for them to be engaged in society. Its products are lovingly designed and handcrafted and embody our creativity and spirit of self-sufficiency in preparation for active ageing.

International Women’s Groups

American Women’s Association of Singapore aims to unite its members for promoting, furthering cultural interests and participating in the community activities in Singapore.

British Association of Singapore (Ladies Group) primarily looks after the interests of the lady members of the Association in Singapore. They arrange monthly activities and various social events.

Indian Women’s Association endeavors to bring the Indian community together by giving them a taste of India whilst living in Singapore. It also facilitates first time residents in Singapore to make friends and help them settle in.

Filipino Ladies Group (Singapore) is the first registered society of professional Filipino women working and living in Singapore. (19 Tanglin Road, #06-24A Tanglin Shopping Centre S247909 Tel : 67373906)

Chinese Women’s Association organises social activities for their members and fund raising activities for various charities. Its main project is the running of the Henderson Senior Citizens’ Home.


Mum-to-be Helpline – call 1800-6868623. Implementing agency is Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society.

Sanctuary House provides crisis pregnancy services, emergency & pre-adoption infant care, and solution-focused parenting workshops.

aLife Ltd: 6258 1360 (Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-1pm)

Pregnancy Crisis Service is a hotline and counselling service for expectant mothers facing unwanted pregnancies.

Rose Villa: 6253 6556 (24/7)

Pertapis Home for Women and Girls - 6745- 3969

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage mothers may require temporary accomodation from a crisis shelter while they work out plans for their future and find employment where necessary. However, the locations of these shelters are classified (so that potential abusers will not find it), and it is necessary to seek a referral from a professional social worker in order to access these services.

BABES (Beyond Social Service) provides a hotline, counselling and casework for girls with pregnancy issues.

Andrew and Grace Home - 6348-5674

Key Projects

No To Rape is a movement to abolish marital rape immunity in Singapore. It aims for a complete repeal of the two instances of marital rape immunity in the Penal Code.

The Shirin Fozdar Trust Fund, which raises money for the advancement of women in Singapore, is managed by the Wee Kim Wee Centre at the Singapore Management University.

Clubilya’s Juz Gurlz is a gender specific preventive-developmental programme which aims at girls from the age of 10 to 14 years old. It aims to empower and inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold in making informed choices and developing a vision during their teenage years and hence, equipping them with the necessary skills through their adulthood.

PROJECT INSPIRE: 5 Minutes to Change the World is a Corporate Responsibility initiative by UN Women Singapore and MasterCard. It is a digital/social media-led initiative to engage tomorrow’s leaders and help them realize their visions of a better world of opportunities for women and children, and in doing so inspire others.

WomenTalkTV is an online portal that hosts video interviews of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, and celebrates, empowers & inspires women by uncovering unsung heroines of our time.

Videos & Publications

Moving On - A Single Parent Guide

Custody Dispute Investigation - A Guide for Parents

Be a Foster Parent pamphlet

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