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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to Twitter accounts. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

George Jacobs, Ivy Singh-Lim, Judy Kong, Olivia Choong

International Conventions & Networks

The International Vegetarian Union is a global network of independent organizations which are promoting vegetarianism worldwide.

SG Networks & Associations

The Vegetarian Society (Singapore) is a non-profit, non-religious organisation that does public education via flyers, exhibitions, videos, talks, food demonstrations and classes, social gatherings, tours, a website, eNewsletter, an online forum, a FB page and appearances in traditional and new media. The Society’s goal is to encourage people to eat less or no meat.

The Singapore Vegetarian Meetup Group is a diverse group of vegetarians/vegans and people who are interested in vegetarianism.

SG Organisations & Companies

Here are some vegetarian restaurants around Singapore:

7 Sensations, Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restuarant, Angel's Bistro, Annalakshmi, Bombay Woodlands Restaurant, Brij Bhoomi, Cai Gen Xiang Pte Ltd, Chellas Vegetarian Corner, DeliVege, Dosa Deli, Ghaangothree Vegetarian Restaurant, Green Connection, Greenroom Cafe, Happy Arts Deli, Hope Cafe, Just Green, Kampung Senang Holistic Living Centre, Komala Vilas Restaurant, Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant, Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant, LivinGreens, Loving Hut, My Vegetarian Way, naive, Nutri-Hub - The Organic Fusion Café, Original Sin, Pangat Authenic Indian Cuisine, Pine Tree Cafe, Raj Prime Vegetarian Restaurant, Revelation Pte Ltd, Roma's Cuisine, Roma's Deli, Simple Food, Sri Lukshmi Naarasimhan Restaurant, Taste of Natural, Vege Sensation, Vegetorium, Wholesome, Yes Natural, Yogi House, Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant, Yummy Green, Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

Here are some suppliers of vegetarian products around Singapore:

Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier, L'Organic, Quandut Trading Co, Super Nature

Key Projects

Shibaken, a Japanese-French fusion restaurant at Level 2 of Gallery Hotel has joined the international movement towards eating less meat by launching Meatless Mondays.

Veg School is an initiative for a Vegetarian School in SG and in KL.

Little Green Wok is an online Singapore vegetarian food directory.

Veggie Thursday SG

Videos & Publications

The Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide is published by the Vegetarian Society Singapore and available from the society as well as from the following bookstores and other outlets. The 76-page booklet features write-ups on over 80 restaurants, organized by precincts. For a more complete list of more than 500 vegetarian restaurants, stalls and provision shops, organised according to MRT stations, visit . Furthermore, most non-vegetarian restaurant can provide vegetarian dishes upon request. Some even have vegetarian pages on their menus.

VSS Food Guide app is based on the best selling book "Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide," first edition, and updated with information such as location change and new restaurants. The app features detailed description of restaurants written by Vegetarian Society food reviewers, so you can be ensured of consistency and adherence to vegetarian standards.

VegVibe is a Singapore-based magazine that covers anything and everything that is vegetarian and vegan.

The Meat Less in Singapore Starter Kit brochure addresses issues on the minds of many people who want to change their eating habits but face roadblocks.

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