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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Ashwin Subramaniam, David Rutherford, Jasmine Wong, Mark Philpott, Zhang Tingjun

SG Associations & Networks

Singapore Disability Sports Council is Singapore's national sports body for people with disability. It is the only organisation in Singapore which reaches across all disability groups, offering a wide range of sports at both elite and non-elite levels.

Special Olympics is part of an international organisation dedicated to empowering persons with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society, through sports training and athletic competition.

SG Organisations & Companies

Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore provides free therapeutic horseridng to children and adults with disabilities from all over Singapore.

Sailability Singapore is a "not for profit", volunteer-based organisation which, through the activity of sailing, enriches the lives of people with any type of disability, the elderly, the financially and socially disadvantaged.

Key Projects

Team Hope is New Hope Community Services’ project of providing homeless Singaporeans a means to re-build their lives through football. Team Hope is inspired by the Homeless World Cup, an annual global football competition where as many as 50 countries have taken part.

Gone Cyclin' is an initiative started by a group of young and committed individuals with a vision to inspire young people to make a positive and sustainable difference in this world. The concept is to participate in sports and adventure challenges around the world to raise funds for sustainable causes.

Yoga Therapy for PTSD – The Patatas are funding yoga classes conducted by certified trauma and distress management yoga instructors, for children at Riverkids who were at high risk of being trafficked. The classes instill some peace and confidence, encourage a reconnection with the body, and provide a route for the children to potentially gain employment as yoga teachers, in hopes of breaking the poverty cycle.

Everest 2011 - Climbing for Humaneity will be raising money and awareness to create opportunities for underprivileged children.

Run for Good Charity Programme raises funds for various charities in Singapore through the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

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