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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Aaron Kim, Christopher Wilson, Durreen Shahnaz, Frank Wong, Keith Chua, Kevin Teo, Komal Sahu, Marvin Yeo, Ng Song Wah, Robert Kraybill, Sasa Vucinic, Simon Chadwick, Terry Alan Farris

International Conventions & Networks

Venture Philanthropy: The Asia Venture Philanthropy Network has been modelled on its sister network in Europe, and is planning to launch in 2010 with the opening of its secretariat office in the region. is a space for making connections and gathering intelligence within the capital market that invests in good. It’s a social network, tool provider, and online platform for tracking the nature and amount of investment activity in this emerging market also referred to as blended value investing.

Social Venture Capital: Social Capital Markets (SOCAP for short) is the global marketplace for organisations in the social finance field to meet. The 2009 event was held in San Francisco.

SG Networks & Associations

Social Venture Capital: Impact Investment Exchange Asia looks set to launch as a social stock exchange for social enterprises in the region.

SG Organisations & Companies

Venture Philanthropy: Social Ventures Partners Singapore, which is a chapter of the Seattle-headquartered Social Ventures Partners International, has been set up, following a Social Conversation in Nov 2008. There is also Asia Pacific Ventures, a venture philanthropy group which is independent.

Social Venture Capital: Singapore-based Waterson Globe is an investor in social enterprises in the region. Kuala Lumpur-based Tandem Fund and the Bangkok office of LGT Venture Philanthropy are also interested in high-performing social enterprises in Singapore.

Microfinance & Social Venture Capital: Unitus Capital is a financial advisory firm specialising in arranging capital for microfinance institutions and social enterprises which serve customers at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Unitus Capital seeks to provide a range of financial advisory and consulting services including debt and equity arranging and capital structuring services. It now has a Singapore presence.

Videos & Publications

Avantage Ventures’ report //‘//Beyond the Margin: Redirecting Asia’s Capitalism’ is the first to analyse the Asian social finance market. The report highlights six key social sectors that would benefit most from impact investments, these include Affordable housing, Sustainable agriculture and agribusiness, Water and sanitation facilities, Primary and special needs education, Rural and elderly healthcare, and Rural access to energy.

Venture Philanthropy: Beyond the Cheque: How Venture Philanthropists Add Value and Establishing a Venture Philanthropy Fund in Europe

Social Venture Capital: Beyond Profit is a insightful publication on the world of social enterprises and social finance.

From Fragmentation to Function: Critical Concepts and Writings on Social Capital Market's Structure, Operation and Innovation by Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Investing for Social and Environmental Impact by Monitor Institute

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