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SEs for children
SEs for youth
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This chart provides an overview of the key players in the SE ecosystem in Singapore. See also Social Enterprise Articles and Social Enterprise Events.

Definition & Legislation

There is no official definition, and no specific registration requirements. The majority of SEs in Singapore are self-identified. Most register as Companies Limited by Guarantee, else as Private Limited companies. 3-5 SEs concurrently have charity status. Only co-operatives are regulated under the Co-operative Societies Act (Chapter 62) and Co-operative Societies Rules 2009.

Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Adelina Ong, Albert Teo, Alfie Othman, Alvin Lee, Alvin Lim, Amy Lim, Andrew Wang, Andria Hutchins, Anna Tsang, Aseem Thakur, Bambang Widjaja, Catherine Chong, Chen Weiwen, Dazzle Foo, Diana Saw, Djames Lim, Durreen Shahnaz, Elim Chew, Gillian Koh, Grace Wong, Hazel Menon, Helen Lim, Isaiah Chng, James Norris, Glen Ng, Jay Chong, Jaycee Lau, Jennifer Teo, Josephine Ng, Justine Lee Kala Karkal, Kenny Low, Komal Sahu, Lam Swee Sum, Leah Tan, Leona Leong Mark Philpott, Masami Sato, Mette Kristine Oustrup, Ng Poh Suan, Nicholas Chee, Norma Sit, Paul Dunn, Pamela Chng, Penny Low, Poh Boon Cheong, Rebecca Tan, Redante Delizo Mendoza, Richardo Chua, Robert Kraybill, Saemah Ali, Sarah Mavrinac, Shelley Siu, Shiao Yin Kuik, Sim Sin Sin, Stanley Chia, Terry Ng, Teo Mee Hong, Tong Yee, Woon Tien Wei, Wong Lin Hong, Wong Poh Kam, Phua Huijia

1) Social Enterprises

This is a listing of social enterprises in Singapore, classified by beneficiary type. Cooperatives are not included here - more information about them can be found at this MCCY page.

SEs for children

Playeum, The Play Museum aims to bring play back to children's lives. They create, curate and facilitate art experiences for children, through Singapore's first Children's Centre for Creativity.

Soule Apparels believes in providing a sole for every soul, since 2008. Enabling change through shopping
–a portion of each sale of every Soule product goes into initiatives for children living under the poverty line and survivors of natural disasters.

SEs for youth

*scape aims to be the celebrated talent and one-stop resource hub for aspiring and inspiring youth, offering diverse, cutting edge and trend setting possibilities for and by all young Singaporeans.

Asian Journeys is a social enterprise which serves youth in the heartlands by providing inexpensive youth development and leadership programmes at very affordable prices.

Canact is an education and training enterprise created with a mission to inspire, equip and mentor our clients to think critically and act responsibly. Through experiential education, it promotes academic success and character development in youths.

City College is an alternative school in Singapore which provides a safety net for students who dropped out of main stream schools. A high percentage of the students are youths who come from broken families or youth.

Crossings Café is a social enterprise serving simple yet delectable fare while nourishing connections in the community. Driven by its mission to serve the community for the greater good, it provides employment opportunities to youths at risk and the disadvantaged. Its partnership with Assumption Pathway School has secured students internship at the café, potentially leading to meaningful employment for their future.

Diamonds On The Street collaborates with individuals and communities to turn their wounded histories into stories of hope.

Envisage Education creates opportunities for young minds to unlock their inner empathy and compassion, for the purpose of developing greater appreciation of education, family, resource management and social responsibility. Envisage Education is an educational social enterprise, providing training facilities, coaching, and personal mentoring to the youths.

Fundamental Cents is a social enterprise that aims to increase financial literacy in young adults by enabling individuals to understand the drivers of their own behaviour and equipping them with tools to develop independent financial decision making.

HeartStrings Engage provides support for the disadvantaged youths, youths-at-risk and out-of-school youths in developing and implementing their social enterprise start-ups. The Youth Social Enterprise Initiative provides coaching and mentoring to the youths who want to create positive change in the communities and the society, and to those youths are keen to explore social entrepreneurship as a career/livelihood option.

Hemispheres Fund hosts various activities and events such as the Hemispheres Environmental Education Program, Hemispheres Young Environmentalist Camp, and the Hemispheres Conservation Awards.

Huffe provides valuable work-relevant training and skill development for underprivileged youths, youths-in-need, youths-at-risk, out-of-school youths and juvenile delinquents who often lack the essential employability skills to survive in our 21st Century labour force.

Keep Youths Alive is a social enterprise that comprises of youths and individuals who have been branded by society and community for acts committed in the past as well as other individuals whom are empathetic to this cause. We have come together to present a united front against premature judgments of youths.

O School Ltd is a performing arts centre set up to generate funds for low income Singapore youths to complete their secondary school education via City College, to provide training and employment opportunities for talented youths, and to celebrate youth potential and talents.

Project Skillseed is an educational and outreach platform that partners NGOs worldwide to curate and co-create experiential learning programs for youths and schools in Asia.

Quartz Initiative is a training company that harnesses the power of technology platforms to inspire, connect and enable youth to be trisector leaders.

School of Thought provides a socially responsible tuition programme that would meet young Singaporeans' needs on both the practical and idealistic fronts, by showing them how to work realistically towards better exam grades while scaffolding for them a better way of thinking and caring about the world's affairs.

Social Creatives aims to integrate and grow creativity in the social-community sector. It connects youth to social issues through artistic expression through activities in the community.

The Art provides opportunities for Assumption Pathway School’s industrial attachment scheme, and provide sheltered employment for graduates.

tuition: giving is an online tuition agency that is committed to provide support and hope for the less privileged. For every tuition assignment closed, tuition: giving will give a school bag to a student who couldn't afford it.

YMCA Education Centre caters to Singaporeans and foreigners who desire to learn good values, to acquire skills and to develop their fullest academic potential so as to succeed in life and to contribute to society in the future. It is a not-for-profit education service of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Singapore.

Yaaway hopes to generate profits from Yummay which is a healthy F&B outlet in Ngee Ann Polytechnic to build capacity in youths at risk from underprivileged backgrounds.

SEs for women

A-changin Private Limited is a social enterprise with a social mission to provide training and employment opportunities to women in need. Its work-integration initiative, appropriately named Alteration Initiative, aims to equip disadvantaged women with garment alteration skills to achieve adequate source of income and better quality of life; integrating them into mainstream society.

Alice in DOT’s World is a positive social impact company that employs the sewing & craft ladies referred through Daughters Of Tomorrow’s Livelihood Program.

Bettr Barista Coffee Academy focuses on arming disadvantaged and underprivileged women with the skills and tools to make their lives better. Bettr Barista provides a wide range of professional coffee training, freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee products, coffee appreciation and team-bonding workshops and an interactive mobile coffee brew bar to ensure self-sustainability.

Beyond Imagination Pte Ltd distributes VillageWorks products, which creates employment and providing skills and livelihood to women and young people in third world countries where the Girls’ Brigade Singapore has pioneering work.

ChaCha Cottage provides unskilled single mothers (divorcees, widows & unwed moms) and women in financial need (especially those whose husbands are out of work due to illness), with home-based work of making decorative, scented candles and beauty soaps.

Mother and Child Project products are made in Singapore by mothers (mostly single mothers with children), retirees and women recovering from psychiatric illnesses. By providing sewing contract work, it provides home-based work for disadvantaged mothers and their children so that they can become economically self-sufficient.
Run by the Singapore Anglican Community Services, it tries to ensure that a large percentage of money earned from each product goes back to these women.

Mums Massage aims to train and employ women in need as certified therapists for the delivery of quality postnatal massage in the comfort of your home.

New To You is operated by the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations. The shop sells pre-loved clothing, accessories, household items, ornaments, books and etc. All goods are donated, and the shop is managed entirely by volunteers. Proceeds from the store go towards Star Shelter and various SCWO Initiatives.

Singapore Shawl was founded by Shelley Siu in 2003 as a creative social enterprise that provides employment and additional skills development for marginalised women.

The Nail Social is a lifestyle nail salon operating mainly as a social enterprise to provide vocational training and employment to local underprivileged women. The salon is located along the hip Haji Lane shopping street, and provides personal iPads with Netflix and wine to all customers.

Women Enterprise Workz (Weworkz) is a local programme under South West Community Development Council which provides training and sewing employment opportunities for women.

SEs for the physically disabled

'90s was set up by 3 young entrepreneurs, set up in hopes of bringing back ‘sweet’ memories from the past and at the same time, create hope for the deaf. Its business operations involve staff who are hearing-impaired who take part in various aspects such as customer service and gift-wrapping.

Association for Persons with Special Needs is piloting a bakery social enterprise with Mystical Cookies baked by its clients. The packaging of the cookies can be customised for annual dinner door gifts, corporate gifts, event refreshments or even pantry consumption.

Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd is a centralised employment agency which runs a production workshop for people with special needs. It allows them to make a living by doing sub-contract work such as mailing, assembly works, shrink-wrapping, packaging and silkscreen printing. Data Entry Centre, Project Air-RAP.

Cadaq trains and integrates special needs individuals into product design, engineering and manufacturing industry.

Dialogue in the Dark Singapore is a franchised social enterprise which was founded by Ashoka Fellow Andreas Heinecke, in order to help people develop empathy for the visually handicapped, as well as to provide employment for the disabled. It is used by Ngee Ann Poly to train its Business and Social Enterprise Diploma students.

Drink Towards a Greener Earth helps the Visually Impaired Potters gain independence through the use of their creative talents and pottery skills, contribute to the Green Movement and integrate into the mainstream society. This project is designed by Clay-Street in collaboration with SAVH.

ExtraOrdinary Horizons aims to promote deaf awareness through our sign language courses, workshops, outreach programs, interpretation/translation services and performances. EO Horizons also aims to help Deaf better integrate into mainstream society and to be accepted for who they are. Revenue from courses, programs, workshops and performances are used to sustain this social enterprise and fund the employment of deaf staff.

Genashtimis a for profit global digital language learning platform, which works with persons with disabilities as trainers and staff.

Glow In The Dark seeks to empower the lives of the visually handicapped by providing them with meaningful employment opportunities. It equips them with the skills to conduct enrichment workshops, imparting values such as overcoming adversity and learning empathy.

Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop of the Spastic Children's Association of Singapore is a sheltered workshop that provides vocational training and sheltered employment for adults aged 16 years old and above with Cerebral Palsy and other associated disability conditions.

Inclusive Arts Movement (I.AM) is a talent management company which caters to the community with special needs. It aims to provide equal opportunities in the performing and visual arts industry in Singapore and beyond.

Kits4Kids Foundation is dedicated to provide special needs and social services for children and youth, by promoting access to mainstream education opportunities of differently advantaged groups, promoting global awareness through language and higher education; and youth exchange activities with the view of facilitating greater awareness among youth with a vision of a cohesive community of caring societies.

Print On Demand Pte Ltd helps persons with disabilties to develop their potential in graphic design and print through providing convenience, professional and efficient printing services to customers.

PurpleThreadswas conceived to address a need to provide specially designed clothing for people with limited mobility. PurpleThreads' clothing line enables the wearer to put on and remove adaptive clothing with ease, thus minimizing any discomfort.

ServeHope Pte Ltd provides employment for physically/visually/mentally challenged persons, in the fields of Marketing/Sales/web Support and Administrative activities.

SAVH Skills Development Programme aims to equip its clients with vocational rehabilitation, education and skills development training.

Soul Food Enterprise aims to help persons with special needs discover their passion for cooking and to find employment in food production.

SPD’s Ability Enterprise sees the Sheltered Workshop, Production Workshop and Multimedia Centre coming together into one distinct and integrated operation. The Ability Enterprise aims to be the training and employment centre of choice for people with physical disabilities.

Stirring Hearts works with the disabled to produce handmade greeting cards through the “Cards with a Heart” crafts workshops; designed for companies to fulfill CSR in a meaningful and sustainable way with staff participation.

Studio You Pte Ltd enables people with different disabilities to work together to compete on quality and creativity in the marketplace.

Therapy One offers a wide range of quality support services to people with developmental challenges, which could be financially, physically, mentally and emotionally draining for the parents and care-givers. Therapy One aims to bridge this gap with appropriate level of support services at cost effective prices.

These Abled People is a brand of cards and gifts designed and crafted by the talented people at Bizlink. Available at all Toy Outpost outlets.

TOUCH SpecialCraftsis an arts platform under TOUCH Centre for Independent Living that serves people with mild intellectual disablities. Through art, they hope to showcase their remarkable abilities, garner greater community support and show that they can lead a dignified life.

Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd provide individuals with disabilities the opportunities to access the arts for the purposes of rehabilitation and social integration.

SEs for the intellectually disabled

is a social enterprise which hopes to spread the word of love around though their freshly baked pastries and lovely sweets. Aii endeavors to work with the less fortunate and less privileged in society to help prepare and deliver their beautifully decorated pastries and sweets for parties, events, corporate and personal gifts.

Believe NJ endeavours to determine the work skill sets and harness the talents of intellectually challenged youths through modified work process and values development supported through continuous diagnoses, testing and fine tuning.

Bridge Learning fills the gap for students who fall in between mainstream schools and special schools due to their learning difficulties, which include Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore creates unique and inspiring gift items, for its artist trainees to not only have the opportunity to exercise their artistic talents, but also to generate a sustainable income.

Cheers Learning Services is a social enterprise catering to children and youths aged 4-17 with special needs in mainstream schools. It is formed by a team of educational psychologist and specialist teachers with a mission is to provide quality lifeskills intervention and specialised tuition for the students with special needs.

Joan Bowen Café is an arts themed café cum culinary centre with a new and innovative approach for training and imparting essential life-long skills to young adults with special needs.

MINDS Social Enterprise creates employment opportunities for the people with intellectual disability as an additional avenue to secure employment. Projects created to provide a range of “supported employment” include MINDS Food, MINDS Shop, MINDS Wash, MINDS Craft and MINDS Perform.

Pathlight Mall products come to you from students of Pathlight School, Singapore's first Autism-focused school that offer a unique blend of mainstream curriculum and life skills. Each Doodlist and Artist receives royalties from the sale of their merchandise, which includes T shirts, stationeries, gift wraps and Seasonal Gift Hampers.

Professor Brawn Café is an eatery that hires autistic children. Its mission is to provide affordable good food by an inclusive quality workforce comprising people of different abilities, ages and socio-economic background.

Spice Connect set up Laksania, a cafe chain with a unique food concept incorporating the popular taste of laksa, which employs people marginalised by physical, mental or emotional disabilities.

SEs for people with health issues

PatientsEngage, a social enterprise, is a patient/caregiver focused healthcare platform for supporting the management of chronic diseases.

PulseSync Pte Ltd is a "purpose driven" company that specialises in improving productivity, quality of care and efficiency of healthcare providers, in particularly community and residential based Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) providers such as Community Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Home Medicals, etc

SEs for the elderly

Proage focuses on clinically integrating healthcare and fitness to provide a seamless delivery of programmes and services to assist individuals towards optimal health, quality of life and wellness.

RSVP ProGuide Ptd Ltd aims to promote active ageing by vying for consultancy and training projects at competitive rates. Its consultants are able to share new ideas and useful expertise in the areas you require to help your organisation become more productive and effective. The money earned is put back into RSVP’s community service programmes.

Silver Spring is the platform especially for those in their mid life career, to generate enterprise and economic activities, to tap on the wealth of expertise and resources. It aims to be a key player for professionals in career transition seeking ways to generate options.

SEs for low-income citizens

Chinatown Social Enterprise, established by Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng CCC, is a retail shop is located at the Majestic, selling handicraft merchandise, not only to impart management skills, such as retail management in customer service, but also allow needy residents to earn a living for themselves.

Community Kitchen Project @ Bukit Panjang CC aims to serve as a training and development platform for the participants, who have successfully completed their training in the NITEC, in Pastry Baking as well as in developing their entrepreneurial spirit towards becoming self-reliant.

Project Dignity is a social enterprise that financially and emotionally empowers the disadvantaged & the differently-abled citizens to run their own hawker business, giving them a chance to live a normal independent life. It runs Dignity Kitchen, Singapore's first social enterprise food court, as well as Dignity Mama Stall, for second hand book stores.

Red Shield Industries (RSI) is the social enterprise arm of The Salvation Army. By re-using, recycling and restoring donations in kind from the public and corporations, it generates income through its Family Thrift Stores to support our mission to provide holistic care to the community. RSI is also committed to providing work-therapy job opportunities. Partnering with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), RSI opened its door for IMH’s clients to work at the RSI Pick n Choose Store. This opportunity increases the clients’ confidence, which helps in easing their way back into society and facilitates their reintegration into the workforce.

Weekender employs over 30 socially-disadvantaged Singaporeans and work closely with Institute of Mental Health, SACS and various CDCs. This helps in regular employment opportunity for them to acquire social and professional skills to be self-reliant and return to the workforce full-time in the long run.

SEs for ex-offenders

Bamboobee trains and employs ex-offenders to assemble bamboo bicycles for sales in Singapore.

Breakthrough Missions Work Therapy Ministry provides a competitive range of commercial services operated by its residents as an integral part of their work therapy. This includes removal services, framing & arts services, copper tooling & wood crafts, furniture repairs & varnishing, carwash & polishing, book binding & embossing, oil paintings, banners & silk screen printing, nursery & landscaping.

Christian Care Services Singapore runs enterprising businesses through partnership and support from individuals and corporate organisations. This not only creates jobs for our residents, but also generates income to support our operations.

Eighteen Chefs employs and teaches ex-offenders/ delinquents on culinary or F&B management skills.

HighPoint Social Enterprises serve to provide an environment which is conducive for the continuing recovery for ex-drug offenders.

Mister Clean specialises in surface treatments and maintenance for both residential and industrial clients. It employs ex-offenders to provide them with on-the-job training as well as gainful employment.

RE Holdings Private Limited, incorporated in February 2004, an autonomous body charged to create employment opportunities for ex-offenders through commercial enterprise investments and partnerships.

SCORE is the lead aftercare agency in support of the CARE Network, and wants to build bridges of hope, by establishing links between incare and aftercare, between imprisonment and the society, and between offenders and their families.

Tampines Changkat Kiliney Kopitiam is run by former drug offenders from Teen Challenge, a halfway house for ex-drug addicts.

Teen Challenge Enterprises is the business, skill development and employment division of Teen Challenge Singapore. It provides mall scale renovation, lawn maintenance, recycling, and house painting.

SEs for human rights

Function 8 is a registered company limited by guarantee, focusing on the Internal Security Act.

SEs for the environment

CarbonStory is a Singapore-based crowd-funding platform for climate change projects. Calculate your carbon footprint, join teams, sponsor projects and post on Facebook.

Double Helix, a social enterprise based in Singapore using cutting edge genetics to address forest management and environmental conservation issues. is a provider of news and views for Asia Pacific’s sustainable business community. A regional social enterprise based out of Singapore, it leverages on a network of environmental writers and photojournalists across Asia Pacific.

ECOSOFTT – ECO Solutions for Tomorrow Today, is a globally-networked social enterprise that develops and implements new innovations in the areas of water, sanitation and livelihood improvement. Its technology-enabled solutions enable homes to conserve water, recover and reuse water for non-potable purposes and discharge waste in an environment friendly way.

Greentree Packaging provides biodegradable & compostable food packaging for customers seeking a healthy and eco-friendly choice. Its product uses organic waste in a sustainable manufacturing process.

Greenyarn is a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics.

Hemispheres Fund hosts various activities and events such as the Hemispheres Environmental Education Program, Hemispheres Young Environmentalist Camp, and the Hemispheres Conservation Awards.

MyRideBuddy (MRB) is a carpooling service that lets friends, neighbors, and colleagues match up rides together, as per their convenience and preference. MRB can also match ride partners for taxipooling so that they can take a taxi ride together.

Nexus-Carbon for Development represents a global alliance of social ventures (non-profits & eco-businesses) whose aim is to reduce climate change while alleviating poverty by providing access to carbon finance.

Recycle Management Enterprise operates state-of-the-art recycling bin which compresses recyclable materials like used drink cans and plastic drink bottles.

OnHand Agrarian is a land-based, high-density fish farm that grows fish more sustainably than anything else in its class, while providing ex-offenders a respectable path to business ownership.

SEs for arts & culture

Annalakshmi is an Indian restaurant which is largely run by volunteers, and operates on a "pay-as-you-wish" concept. Proceeds go towards sustaining the Temple of Fine Arts and funding classes for needy students.

The Ark is dedicated to the development of vocal and music talent in Singapore, and is committed to aspiring singers and musicians. Its aim is to discover, develop and promote local talent in Singapore, the region and beyond.

Asian Culture Enterprise (Singapore) Limited serves as a cultural and creative intermediary within Asia and aims to be a resource and agent of change in the realm of international exchange of the arts, culture and heritage industries.

Asian Journeys promotes Asian cultural research and social programmes for Asian leadership development and community transformation.

CharKOL is a project by The New Social Artist Enterprise. It sells gifts sourced from like-minded not-for-profit organisations employing the economically challenged.

Digital Storytelling Asia is a Singapore-based social enterprise whose vision is to create awareness and promote the Digital Storytelling movements in Singapore and beyond.

HEarts Aflame is a social enterprise that aims to alleviate poverty through arts. It empowers artists and their communities by Creating Markets, Building Infrastructure and Empowering People.

The Little Arts Academy offers a broad-based curriculum that aims to give disadvantaged children a holistic education which has its foundation in the arts, with its varied facilities that include a dance studio, practice rooms, a recording studio as well as a kitchen for culinary classes.

Objectifs is a visual arts centre for photography and filmmaking that offers workshops, exhibitions, screenings and talks by visiting lecturers.

Recognize! is a creative platform for all types of urban art-forms & creative usage, education & community building.

Six Degrees is Singapore's first confluence of arts, creativity and business.

Social Creatives aims to integrate and grow creativity in the social-community sector. It connects youth to social issues through artistic expression through activities in the community.

Thinkscape offers schools a new and innovative approach to National Education. Founded by a group of educators, Thinkscape aims to broaden students' perspectives of life through heritage trails and learning journeys.

SEs for the Malay community

Gourmet Guru is a cooking academy that enables low-income Malay homemakers in Singapore to conduct cooking classes and earn extra income.

Ikhlas Catering service by Pertapis that hires ex-offenders and single mothers.

SENSE (Social Enterprise Network Singapore) is a network of social enterprises incubated by MENDAKI, including Junior Network Child Development Centre, Suri Stich, Suri Salon, Suri Spa, Inke Ink Refilling Service.

SEs for Cambodia

Bloom is a social enterprise established in Sept 2006 with the intention of providing fair-paying jobs to disadvantaged Cambodians, through making original, quality bags, all hand-made from recycled rice and fish feed bags. They have opened a guesthouse in Siem Reap.

Cheeky Monkey provides employment opportunities for women Cambodia.

Hagar International works with women and children from devastating backgrounds of violence, abuse and trafficking and supports them in their recovery, rehabilitation, job readiness and ultimately community reintegration. Has a Singapore-based fundraising arm.

Homespun Pte Ltd allows local designers to experiment with different designs and sending these designs to cottage villages in Cambodia for prototype productions.

Open Book sells Khmer and English language books to raise funds for NGO Siovpheu Pekhouk in Phnom Penh.

SEs for international development

B1G1 moves giving from an ad-hoc, event-driven model to a very specific transaction-based giving model — a world where every transaction gives back and makes a difference.

Candela Travellers a social enterprise providing eco-tourism and volunteer programs and itineraries for individuals, small groups, corporate organisations and schoolsin Singapore and across the region.

Choson Exchange supports North Korean entrepreneurs through business, economics and legal knowledge-sharing.

Doing Good is a socially responsible e-commerce portal that helps disadvantaged merchants connect with consumers across Singapore and Southeast Asia, using the internet, e-commerce and social media.

FOCOS Pte Ltd is part of the worldwide Catholic Focolare Movement.

Food For Thought is a restaurant which has at least 10% of its profits go towards a financial aid scheme for underprivileged students attending School of Thought, water purifying and well-building in the Philippines, among other projects.

Gift and Take's sole mission is to market products handcrafted by the disabled, disadvantaged and impoverished, with a core vision of teaching them how to fish, focused on restoring the dignity as a person.

Green Heaven is a social enterprise founded to fund the Pakistan IDP project, Audacious Hope. This is achieved via smart tech products that protect the wellness of clients and their families.

Isan Gallery is a showcase of many beautiful Indochinese artefacts and made by Ban Mai Roong Weaving Village which provides income for 40 families of a remote village in Isan through a fair wage system. In addition, a portion of the proceeds is used to fund modest community development and medical assistance projects in the Thai countryside and Laos.

Lotus Culture helps survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery rebuild their lives.

Project Lil’ Mustard Seed is a social enterprise providing employment to poor Nepalese women by employing them to produce children clothing.

Kingdom Inroads take a comprehensive approach to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by partnering with indigenous community leaders who share its passion to empower low-income families in their community.

Million Arts Project works with talented but impoverished artisans in African Its main project is Send a Ugandan Child to School is helping a community of refugee women in Kampala, Uganda sell handmade paper jewellery.

on common ground is a social enterprise that seeks to play a part in the eradication of extreme poverty through the promotion of fair trade and skill acquisition. it is concerned with promoting economic and social justice by working with peoples from disadvantaged situations and facilitating their participation in fair trade.

Project Naqua brings clean water to the rural Nepalese population with a sustainable business model in place. After the successful pilot installation of a water filter in a school, the team is looking to raise a pool of start-up funds to kick-start a programme to be implemented in multiple schools.

Project Selfless Shoe has a buy 1, give 1 concept for shoes to benefit underprivileged children in Singapore and the region.

Radion International is a humanitarian agency which started a social enterprise in Khek Noi, a shophouse for desitute and abused womenfolk. The project equips them with basic management skills, work training and shelter.

Street Child Project sells India-made jewellry in support of i-india.

Team Humaneity is Humaneity Foundation's initiative to involve people through every day sports activities to raise money for charity. Team Humaneity is a global community of active people who want to use the events they are participating in to help raise money to give back.

tuition: giving is an online tuition agency that is committed to provide education for the less privileged. For every tuition assignment closed, tuition: giving will donate 10% of the first month's tuition fee to fund a project for the less privileged communities.

Villagexchange promotes Fair Trade as an equitable and sustainable form of exchange for alleviating global poverty, and offers fairly traded products from poor producers of less developed countries.

SEs with multiple beneficiary types

Activistar Ads is an advertising agency that advocates for community, social good and green initiatives. It deals with championing environmental and societal awareness, company rebranding, CSR projects and improving businesses through sustainable processes.

Adrenalin is a full service social enterprise event/ creative agency. Trusted by top brands, corporations and the public sector to execute their events and campaigns, Adrenalin has handled over 800 projects to date. 30% of Adrenalin’s employment includes teammates who are deaf, wheelchair-bound and youth-at-risk.

Best Of Asia, an F&B social enterprise set up by 12 friends led by 52-year-old retiree Deirdre Murugasu, formerly deputy chief executive at water-treatment giant Hyflux, manages the hawker centre Kampung@Simpang Bedok.

Big Is Gorgeous develops and nurture the plus-size community (including youths), through organising events, activities, classes, seminars, etc. to meet their various learning, skills development, psychological and physical needs.

Cause is a social innovation platform that connects change agents to a community of like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, solutions and perspectives.

ChangeBug is a social enterprise dedicated to providing changemakers the means to co-create sustainable solutions with the community, for the community. We develop an ecosystem of partners, topical experts, mentors, volunteers & funders to facilitate not just ideas, but action.

CrossTrack is a online marketplace which matches local delivery jobs to couriers around Singapore, and aims to provide income opportunities for under-privileged families to improve their financial situation.

CrowdPowers is a CSR reputation management social venture. Each month, we also provide upto 6 hours of branding, writing and editing services to the non profit sector.

CSR Asia is a provider of information, training, research and consultancy services on sustainable business practices in Asia.

Facilitators Network Singapore is run like a social enterprise which combines the agility of a private enterprise with a non-profiteering intent. It provides Group Process Facilitation services.

Fair & Square Artisan Gallery offers a wide range of eco-friendly and fairtrade corporate gifts and handcrafted homeware products. is a social enterprise that places itself in between individuals and charities, attempting to create a better bridge that allows individuals to contribute to charitable causes easily over the web and at the same time, making it easier for charities to reach people by receiving donations on behalf of these charities.

Giving Forward LLP has a membership programme where 20% of all revenue from the sales is donated to adopted charities.

Good for Us is a social enterprise dedicated to enabling people in knowing that all our daily actions have a positive impact on the world. Our website enables people to find the social and environmental stories behind the companies we buy from.

Hapitalist aims to correct the “mismeasure of profit” by integrating long-term thinking and responsibility into the profit motive, and to make this decision-making process widespread enough to benefit a larger proportion of humanity.

HeartCode is a social enterprise that offers cost effective customised software development that provides high quality design and user-friendly features. Profits from our projects for corporates and businesses will be channeled to our pro bono efforts in projects for NPOs, VWOs and social welfare organisations.

International Volunteerism Association provides a platform for International Volunteer practitioners in Singapore to share with each other; their best practices, experiences, resources and information.

KARE Social Enterprise collects expired advertising banners and make useful secondary products from them such a banner bags, file index divides, aprons, refugee tents, and refugee sleeping mats.

Kezaar is one of Asia’s first skill sharing marketplaces connecting those with a talent to share and those with a desire to learn. Its mission is to enable members to enrich their knowledge banks by learning a wide variety of new skills from the collective.

Marcellie is an online fashion boutique that offers both menswear and womenswear. Being socially responsible and giving back to society are also integral parts of its business.

Patch is an online shop that supports charities by buying excess stock off retailers and selling them. They also sell pre-loved donations of a select quality. All profits go to a Featured Charity rotated every 6 months, and customers pay what they think is right for charity.

Piece of Mine provides interior design & styling services, as well as artworks leasing. Piece of Mine's gift items are also available at the following premier hotels' gift shops; Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Conrad Centennial, Grand Mercure Roxy and the Novotel S'pore.

Positive Intentions is a social enterprise that specialises in life-coaching, people development, corporate and community training and consultancy services.

Privilege Enterprise Group is a social enterprise which aims to create employment opportunities for people from all walks of life such as the underprivileged, low income and single mothers.

Qi GLOBAL Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered social enterprise (for-profit) that adheres to triple-bottom-line principles that all businesses should have a positive social, environmental and financial impact.

Revolution is a social enterprise project, selling top quality, 'as new', pre-loved designer clothing and accessories at bargain prices to support disadvantaged members of our community.

Sandwich Heaven is a social enterprise with a non-judgmental hiring practice. It opens its doors to youths-at-risk, the “chronically” unemployed, the physically- and intellectually-challenged, the low-income and ex-offenders. Along with its sister restaurant Chicken Heaven, it functions as an arm of Majlis Pusat, a Malay-Muslim community advocacy group.

Salt Solution is a social enterprise that conducts service-learning and social entrepreneurship trainings for students and educators. Its workshops are heavily shaped by the principles of design-thinking.

Seed-Gifts is a not-for-profit business providing flower- gifts for all occasions. 100% of the net profit of this company will go towards the support of selected charities and social causes.

Shop For Social is a social business that seeks to support meaningful social enterprises and non-profit organisations through creative marketing and value-add of their products and services. It runs an online store that features curated social enterprise products, making it easy to shop for a good cause.

SingYouth Hub runs a charity booth and pushcart programme, which retails VWO handcrafted or commercially sourced products for sale at a booth space in a shopping mall.

Sunflower is a retail space of handmade, unique, eco-friendly and socially responsible merchandise created by budding entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

Teddy Thotz 'n' OneKind teddy bears that are so out-of-the-ordinary and more appealing because of that.

The Grooming Table adopts a natural philosophy when it comes to its pet grooming services as well as its pet products to help improve the immune system of animals as well as to aid in the healing of chronic skin ailments. 10% of what customers spent are also donated to animal welfare organizations to help with sterilization programs to curb stray population and the costs of running animal shelters.

The Panoramic Group is a For-Profit Social Enterprise which consults with corporate clients on adopting Corporate Social Responsibility into their business. They also assist companies on Branding, Marketing, Public Relations and HR.

UNFRAMED is a launchpad for social-impact startups leveraging technology to address unmet community needs.

World Toilet College started as a social enterprise, with the belief that there is need for an independent world body to ensure the best practices and standards in Toilet Design, Cleanliness, and Sanitation Technologies are adopted and disseminated through training.

YMCA on One Orchard Road is a hostel located in the heart of Singapore's major shopping, tourist, business and entertainment belt. It provides revenue for the YMCA Singapore.

YWCA Fort Canning Lodge is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Fort Canning Park, one of the greenest parts of Singapore. It is owned and managed by the YWCA of Singapore.

2) Intermediaries

These are various intermediaries in the social enterprise space in Singapore.


Hub Singapore is a co-working space for changemakers, with nearly 500 members.

Social Enterprise SG is a Facebook group with 1700+ members.


A significant number of social enterprises in Singapore have received grants and subsidies from the MCYS-administered ComCare Enterprise Fund. Besides MCYS, social enterprises also access capital from traditional business start-up grants, such as those provided by SPRING Singapore.

Impact Investment Exchange Asia is a social stock exchange based in Singapore, in partnership with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

DBS Foundation has provided more than 80 grants to social enterprises across the 6 country markets it operates in.

Banking services

DBS Enterprise Banking supports Social Entrepreneurship with its Social Enterprise Special Package, which consists of various banking privileges that have been customised to help SEs meet the banking needs of their businesses.


Association for Muslim Professionals runs the Micro Business Programme, which assists individuals from low income families to develop their entrepreneurial spirit by providing them with trade skills and entrepreneurial skills, while Singapore Anglican Community Services runs the Simei Care Centre, which houses several social enterprises created by its members.

Market access

Social Innovation Park runs the Pop and Talent Hub Market, a retail space for up and coming artists and social enterprises, every first and last weekend of every month at Vivocity.

The H.E.A.R.T. Market is a socially-conscious bazaar/ flea market held on the second weekend of every month, which serve as a publicity and fundraising platform for charities and welfare societies.

Stuff with a Difference is a one-stop portal of ideas where ordinary spending becomes an opportunity to make lasting impact.

MakeSense is an open project which challenges people for social business. It challenges people online thanks to a Web-Application and offline through gatherings.

Shop4Social for products & services from meaningful social enterprises or non-profits, and let your spending create a positive impact on the social value chain.


Dachis Group powers the design, development, management and measurement of Social Business solutions for the world's leading companies.

Conjunct Consulting provides charities with pro bono services that help them address organisational needs. Professionals and trained university students are matched with non-profits to create sustainable solutions that help with financial sustainability, human capital development, strategic planning, operation management and impact assessment.


Singapore International Foundation ran the Young Social Entrepreneurs programme for 6 years.

NUS Enterprise organises the annual DBS NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia.

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) aims to advance youth business and social entrepreneurship in an ethical and socially-responsible manner. SAGE SG competition is organised by SMU Initiatives for Social Enterprise (SMU-ISE), and six junior college teams have joined SAGESG as founding members.


Asian Venture Philanthropy Network runs an annual conference for the social finance community.

Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy runs an International Symposium on social enterprise.


ITE College East has a Business & Services department which teaches about social enterprise. Ngee Ann Polytechnic also offers a Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise, which paves the way for a career as a business and social enterprise manager.

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum is a NUS student-initiated platform that has since gone on to create an enabling environment for social entrepreneurship in Singapore, and educate the local market about the value of social entrepreneurship.


Landscape of Social Enterprise in Singapore – Asian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

From Charity to Change: Social investment in selected Southeast Asian countries – Lien Centre for Social Innovation

Study on the State of Social Enterprises in Singapore was commissioned by the then-Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports to understand the current social enterprise landscape, their contributions as well as attitudes of VWO’s towards social enterprises.


The Guide to Social Enterprises in Singapore is an attempt to give an overview to the burgeoning social enterprise scene in Singapore.

Getting to the Heart of Business – MSF

Giving A Helping Hand” is an e-book by Joachim Sim, who hopes to foster a stronger sense of community spirit among Singaporeans by featuring social enterprises that are helping the less fortunate. Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund.

Singaporean Social Change Enterprises & Initiatives List (PDF): a list of some of the most interesting social change enterprises and initiatives in or connected to Singapore.

Singapore Social Enterprise Starter Kit: 13 key files for understanding the social enterprise landscape in Singapore. Compiled from multiple sources and focused on new social entrepreneurs or capacity builders.

Starting a Social Enterprise in Singapore: The Essential Toolkit by Social Enterprise Association.

Toolkit for Social Entrepreneurs: a guide designed to provide individuals the foundation and key principles necessary for creating their own social enterprise in Singapore.

The Social Enterprise Scene in 2020 was the result of a meetup using Future Thinking methods to understand the different factors that might influence the future development of the SE movement in Singapore for the next 10 years.

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The "Mister" range of services were started by the Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS), based on the concept of providing a range of quality services which could complement one another. At the same time, ISCOS members could gain employment with a wider variety of vocations.