This is a guide to all things at the intersection of Research, external image arrow-10x10.png and social change. Feel free to edit if you’d like to improve it!

Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to external image arrow-10x10.png in some way.

Ann Florini, Bindu Sharma, Gillian Koh, John Donaldson, Lam Swee Sum, Mahdev Mohan, Nafis Hanif, Prapti Upadhay, Rob John, Su-Ann Oh

SG Research Portals

Research portals can be found on the MCYS and NCSS sites.

SG Research Centres

Research Centre / Host Organisation
Area of Research
Key Research
Action for AIDS
The Act
Asia Research Institute / NUS
Migration, Human Trafficking,

Asian Peace-Building & HR program
Peace, Human Rights, Restorative Justice

Women’s Issues, Sexual Harrassment, Singles in external image arrow-10x10.png, Work-Life Balance
State of the Nation’s Women report, Singapore Shadow Report to the UN on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
Beyond Research / Beyond Social Services
Children, Youth, Families
The Singapore Youth Resiliency Survey
Centre for Liveable Cities
Urban Planning
Index to measure liveability and vibrancy of cities
Asian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy / NUS
Social Enterprise, Venture Philanthropy

Centre on Asia & Globalisation / Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
CSR, Climate Change, Social Innovation
Public Roles of the Private Sector
Children’s Society
Bullying, Child Abuse
Bullying in Singapore Schools, Children’s Social and Emotional Well-Being
Energy Studies Institute / NUS
Negotiating Positions at COP15: Implications for external image arrow-10x10.png
Family Research Network

Fei Yue Community Services

Food For All
Nature, Health and Organic Food
Migrant Workers
Justice Delayed, Justice Denied
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / NUS
CSR, Gender, Energy

Institute for Policy Studies / Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS
Family, Elderly

Lien Centre for Social Innovation / SMU
Corporate Social Responsibility, Unmet Social Needs, New Social Models
Social Space, Software-as-a-Service White Paper, Study on the State of Social Enterprise in Singapore
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Vounteering, Philanthropy
Study on Institutions of a Public Character, The State of Giving, Individual Giving Survey
Singapore Institute of International Affairs
Environment, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Energy Security, Civil Society, ASEAN
Assessment and Overview: ASEAN and Regional Involvement of Civil Society
Migrant Workers
Justice Delayed, Justice Denied, Debt, Delays, Deductions: Wage Issues Faced by Foreign Domestic Workers in external image arrow-10x10.png
Social Issues

Youth Research Portal / National Youth Coucil
Youth Scan, The State of Youth in Singapore 2006

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