This is a guide to all things at the intersection of Peace, Singapore and social change. Feel free to edit if you’d like to improve it!


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Key People

Names are in alphabetical order, hyperlinked to LinkedIn, else Facebook. Listing is based on prior experience in an area, plus a connection to Singapore in some way.

Ian Macduff, Jonathan How

International Initiatives

Uppsala Conflict Data Program has recorded ongoing violent conflicts since the 1970s, and is one of the most accurate and well-used data sources on global armed conflicts and its definition of armed conflict is becoming a standard in how conflicts are systematically definied and studied.

Peace and Collaborative Development Network is a free professional networking site (with over 20,100 members from around the world) to foster dialogue and sharing of resources in international development, conflict resolution, gender mainstreaming, human rights, social entrepreneurship and related fields.

SG Initiatives

OOOMis Singapore’s first social open mike. Its people-and-planet-centric programming encourages community bonding and environmentalism through music. OOOM provides casual and fun settings for anyone to make music, regardless of skill. It is also a platform for celebrating creativity and enjoying the arts.

PACTA is a NGO committed to advance international and national conflict resolution and reconciliation with a view to alleviating suffering, poverty and distress and building social cohesion and trust within and between communities. Its particular focus is in South East Asia and they are most active in Aceh and southern Thailand.

The SMU Centre for Dispute Resolution provides a vehicle for research and teaching across the range of “alternative” dispute resolution procedures. The Centre will also work with those same agencies in building local capacity in dispute management, for example where recent and ongoing conflicts constitute challenges to security.

Soldiers for Peace is an ambitious and daring mission to turn ordinary citizens into lean, mean, peace-making machines.

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