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Key People

Names are in alphabetical order, hyperlinked to LinkedIn, else Facebook. Listing is based on prior experience in an area, plus a connection to Singapore in some way.

Benedict Jacob-Thambiah, Daniel Tung, Paul Ananth Tambyah, Paul Toh¸ Talya Stone

International Conventions & Networks

Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases is Goal 6 of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

UN AIDS is the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, is an innovative joint venture of the United Nations family, bringing together the efforts and resources of ten UN system organizations in the AIDS response to help the world prevent new HIV infections, care for people living with HIV, and mitigate the impact of the epidemic.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is the world's leading financer of programs to fight AIDS, TB and malaria. Created in 2002, the Global Fund has committed $19.3 billion to lifesaving programs in 144 countries.

The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS is a youth-led, UNAIDS and UNFPA supported alliance of over 2100 young leaders and adult allies working in 100 countries world-wide. GYCA empowers young leaders with the skills, knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to scale up HIV/AIDS interventions amongst their peers.

AIDS is a multimedia portal facilitating exchange of information on HIV/AIDS among NGOs, CBOs and a global community of producers and broadcasters using radio to help fight HIV/AIDS.

The AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific is an independent non-governmental body of HIV and AIDS organizations within Asia and the Pacific; and the custodian of the International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific.

APN+ is the network of PLHIV living in Asia Pacific region. It was established in 1994 at a meeting in Kuala Lumpur by 42 PLHIV from eight countries.

The Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organisations is a network of non-governmental and community-based organisations that provides HIV and AIDS related services within the Asia and Pacific region. APCASO promotes the role of NGOs and CBOs in the response to HIV by strengthening and supporting the foundations of regional and national level networks; and supporting and promoting the role of people living with HIV and other populations and communities affected by HIV.

SG Networks & Associations

Health Promotion Board is interested in HIV/AIDS as one of the infectious diseases they address.

YES to HIV/AIDS Treatment Subsidies is a Facebook group to support subsidies for HIV drugs.

HIV/AIDS SG is a community platform for individuals and organisations in Singapore to share and learn about HIV/AIDS, and to leverage on each other's resources for future campaigns and events in Singapore.

SG Organisations & Companies

Action for AIDS is a voluntary community based organization and a registered charity. Its objectives are to provide support and assistance to persons living with HIV and AIDS (PWAs); to increase awareness, education and understanding of AIDS and HIV infection; to combat discrimination and stigmatisation of PWAs and their loved ones; and to encourage AIDS-related research activities in Singapore. Their main projects include an annual candlelight memorial, a biennial AIDS conference, and a Condom Vending Machine Project.

The DSC Clinic is a public clinic operated by the Department of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) Control for the diagnosis, treatment and control of sexually transmitted infections (STI) in Singapore. This is where you go to check if you’ve got a STI.

Patient Care Centre provides assistance for HIV/AIDS patients and their families. The centre helps them cope with their conditions and provides financial and moral support (counselling). The centre also aims to increase HIV/AIDS awareness.

Singapore discreet HIV/STDs screening has a screening centre in a centrally located privately owned family clinic.

Love ROWAN was launched in Singapore by Kelsley Young. Its aim is to love the orphans and widows who are affected by AIDS in Africa by revealing who they are in Christ, partnering with local Christian leaders and development organizations, and empowering each in their passions.

Key Projects

Standard Chartered Bank has a network of employee volunteers called HIV Champions who work to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in the Bank and with external organisations. HIV Champions deliver face-to-face workshops supplemented by a range of HIV education materials that cover the basic facts about the virus and are easily adapted to suit the needs of different audiences and cultures.

Youth Outreach Programme serves a vacuum in the HIV/AIDS educational outreach to teenagers here the out-of-school youth. Little is known about this group of teenagers and much help is needed to address this group of young people.

LOVE Amplified is the World AIDS Day Concert in Singapore. Organised by the Health Promotion Board, the concert brings together music talents in the local arena, giving the people of Singapore one amazing night to take a stand against HIV/AIDS.

Channels of Hope is a 3-day HIV workshop presented by World Vision Singapore. Designed to empower, engage and equip church pastors and leaders to respond to the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS, Channels of Hope aims to mobilise faith-based leaders to respond in a positive, powerful and Christ-hearted way.

M·A·C AIDS Fund was established in 1994 by M·A·C Cosmetics to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. Introducing its first VIVA GLAM lipstick that same year, M·A·C decided that every cent of the selling price of the VIVA GLAM lipsticks would go to the M·A·C AIDS Fund.

World Vision’s One Life Fund is an educational bursary scheme for children and youth living with HIV/AIDS, or has one or both parents who are infected with HIV/AIDS. The bursary will support a child’s school fees, textbooks and uniforms, as well as allowance for personal expenses such as transportation and meals. This is the first programme in Singapore that specifically addresses the educational needs of children who are infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. WorldVision Singapore

Stomp AIDS is a competition run by the Health Promotion Board to recruit, motivate and train university student volunteers who will conduct peer education activities on campus to increase awareness about AIDS and STDs transmission and protection.

The Staying Alive Foundation was set up in 2004 to extend the ethos of the Staying Alive campaign at a grassroots level. The Foundation gives small cash grants to young people across the world who run HIV/AIDS prevention projects in their local communities. It also runs the Staying Alive campaign.

Product (RED) is a product labels that donates a portion of your purchase to support The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Videos & Publications

The Act is Action for AIDS’s own publication which highlights interesting articles which covers the scientific, medical, socio-cultural, ethical, legal and economic dimension of AIDS and HIV infection.

Hans Rosling unveils new data visuals that untangle the complex risk factors of one of the world's deadliest (and most misunderstood) diseases: HIV. He argues that preventing transmissions -- not drug treatments – is the key to ending the epidemic.

The Lazarus Effect film by (RED), HBO and Anonymous Content is a 30 minute documentary directed by Lance Bangs and executive produced by Spike Jonze. The film follows the story of four people who were at deaths door and were brought back to life thanks to access to treatment.



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