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International Initiatives

WITNESS uses video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. WITNESS is an international human rights organization that empowers people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change.

xtra normal, a text-to-video start-up, has created a way for anyone to quickly (and cheaply) create an animated video to promote a particular cause or point-of-view. [Think Wordpress meets South Park.] The video animation templates offered by the start-up are the latest entry into the fast-growing, short-form video.

SG Initiatives

Ah Kong is a new short film written and directed by Royston Tan and presented by the Health Promotion Board.

Before We Forget is an observational documentary film of two women with dementia who live in an Asian society where terminal illnesses and dying remain taboo.

BrainBento is a library of online video tutorials to help social service professionals learn skills they need to do their jobs in an excellent way.

Choices is an engaging teen drama that chronicles the lives of a group of teenage friends as they navigate friendships, relationships, love and sex. The story tackles the questions and dilemmas many young people face during their growing up years.

Films For Change is organised by Sinema. It differs from a regular film festival by creating a strong complement of workshops, dialogue sessions and discussion forums with filmmakers, academics, policy makers, NGOs and concerned citizens to engage audiences on a variety of entertainment and educational levels. The issues addressed in the films and forums will run the gamut of the Human Condition – exploring human rights, inequality, sustainability as well as children and youth.

Going Home is a prize-winning short film on dementia, produced as part of the Alzheimer's Disease International conference in March 2009.

Man and the Goose is a documentary film company which strives to tell stories that will inspire people to hope (and make) a better world.

Migration Film Festival is a platform developed for to showcase films on migrant workers and migration to the public.

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