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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Adam Horler, Christopher Jensen, Christina Crane, Tamara Tepper, Trudy Fawcett

SG Networks & Associations

While Singapore does not yet have an organisation advocating for ethical shopping, specific aspects are being promoted.

The Fair Trade SG network shares information on Fair Trade and ethical shopping.

The Social Enterprise Association maintains a listing of products produced by social enterprises.

Organic SG maintains a directory of businesses selling organic products.

Singapore Environment Council administers the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme.

SG Organisations & Companies

40 Hands is a bar and cafe in Tiong Bahru, which focuses on sustainably produced specialty coffee, stocking FairTrade and Direct Trade coffee beans.

ACRES administers the ACRES & STOC Endangered Species-Friendly TCM Labelling Scheme for traditional Chinese medicine stores. They also maintain a Cruelty-Free Guide, which lists producst in Singapore which use the Humane Cosmetics Standard or Humane Household Products.

Activistar Ads is an advertising agency that advocates for community, social good and green initiatives. We deal with championing environmental and societal awareness, company rebranding, CSR projects and improving businesses through sustainable processes.

All Things Green and Beautiful is a company whose goal is to preserve the environment we live in by starting a serious green business of recycling. Their products are made of at least 50% recycled products donated by the public and the remaining 50% being new resources. A percentage of all profits would also go toward non-profit organizations.

Book Mart is a bookstore that sells FairTrade coffee.

Cafe Direct is UK's largest FairTrade coffee distributor, and a social enterprise which gives up to 60% of its profits back to its producer groups. Their products retail in Cold Storage supermarkets in Singapore, among others.

Choose by Olive Ventures is a retail space in Chinatown which sells environmentally-friendy products. They provide other services such as Bicycle Parking, Freecycle Advertising and collection of recyclables, e-waste and printer toners and cartridges. They also host talks, courses and workshops for people interested in anything to do with environmental sustainability.

Dapao is a locavore restaurant, most ingredients from a locavore foodshed of 300kms. It uses biodegradable cutlery and wrap papers that are compostable, minimises food waste, grows a herb garden, and has a kitchen free of toxic chemical cleaners.

Echo is a designer store in Wheelock Place that retails upcycled goods made from products such as seatbelts and fireman hoses.

Etrican is a local label set on proving that eco clothing can be chic and bringing green fashion into the mainstream in Singapore and regionally. Etrican clothes are made of certified organic cotton and are available on the label’s website and at selected retail points island wide.

Greenstore is Singapore’s first review and rating guide for green consumers. We curate, review and rate green, eco, sustainable, organic, and ethical products that benefit you, the environment and the community.

Love For Earth retails environmentally-friendly baby products.

Papa Palheta is a specialty coffee provider that serves Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.

Patch is an online shop that supports charities by buying excess stock off retailers and selling them. They also sell pre-loved donations of a select quality. All profits go to a Featured Charity rotated every 6 months, and customers pay what they think is right for charity.

Qi Global. SE using multimedia to illustrate "human progress in harmony with nature". Its mission is to inspire people to think and act more progressively with deeper social and environmental considerations towards how we live, work and play in a future world.

Simply Living Lifeshop is an eco ethical store designed for the conscientious consumer. Sourced from around the globe, its fashion and lifestyle products promote naturally healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable living, and wherever possible, support fair trade.

Sunflower is a shop in City Square Mall which retails products from social enterprises.

TangoChocolat strives to improve the planet and believes in the mission "people before self". Our multi-label store serves as a product showcase and has knick-knacks and items that range from gifts, skincare/perfume and reusable eco-friendly tote bags.

Terra Plana provides sustainable shoe concepts through the use of a variety of eco-friendly materials and innovative minimal glue constructions.

Veganburg is a burger restaurant whose mission is to inspire and excite the world in introducing vegan diet into their lifestyle, as a form of sustainable diet and means of restoration for our global environment.

Zhai is a Singaporean company which specializes in Bamboo clothing. Located at 82 Haji Lane and 112 Katong #01-34.

Key Projects

Carrotmob Singapore is part of a worldwide movement which promises businesses which are willing to go green with large mobs of customers, and a portion of the extra revenue derived from the mob will be channeled into long-term eco-friendly changes, such as the installation of light bulbs that are more energy-efficient.

Buy Nothing Day is practiced on an informal basis in Singapore.

Meatout Thursday is a voluntary NUS campus observance to reduce carbon emissions and help our Planet by eating no meat on Thursdays.

Videos & Publications

A Guide to Ethical Shopping in Singapore is a good primer to developments in Singapore.

Singapore Seafood Guide is a guide produced by WWF Singapore to help you make sustainable seafood choices.

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