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This is a guide to all things at the intersection of Environment, Singapore and social change. Feel free to edit if you’d like to improve it!


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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Adam Horler, Amy Ho, Bhavani Prakash, Calvin Tan Kai En, Chris Tobias, Christopher Jensen, Desmond Koh, Elaine Tan, Eric Leow Beng Kwang, Eugene Tay,Geh Min, Grant Pereira, Howard Shaw, Isabelle Louis, Ivy Singh-Lim, Joe Lim, Judy Tham, Kashyap Choksi, Ken Hickson, Kenny Eng, Kirtida Mekani, Loo Deliang, Lynn Tang, Mark Cheng, Michael P Totten, Nadya Hutagalung, Olivia Choong, Patty Yunita, Ray Huang, Ria Tan, Robin Low, Sarah Ong, Soh Ju Hu, Tan Hang Chong, Tay Lai Hock, Uma Sachidhanandam, Wilson Ang, Yatin Premchand

SG Organisations

Asian Green Youth Challenge is an environmental initiative by youths for youths to bring about the realization of sustainable and innovative green projects. It is a project adopted by not-for-profit organisation, Social Innovation Park (SIP) and was started to create an annual series of programmes which will incubate innovative, youth-based, not-for-profit environmental projects and organisations in Asia.

Avelife Foundation is a eco-friendly organisation that aspires to promote public health and improve the quality of life of the socially disadvantaged people within the community.

Cicada Tree Eco-Place is a non-profit organization that promotes the natural and cultural heritage of Singapore through environmental education and eco-living.

Earthlink NTU instills a sense of environmental awareness among students and staff of NTU, to make environmentalism a way of life, to publish articles and publicise articles of interest and matters related to the Club and to aid other organisations in setting up recycling projects.

Eco 4 The World Singapore Limited

Eco Leadership is an organisation that links Leaders and the decisions they make with the environmental and social community impacts of those decisions. Eco Leadership also produces, an interactive internet tv channel which highlights how ordinary people around the world live sustainably.

ECO Singapore is a non-profit, non-government organization. ECO aims to establish a voluntary environmental movement, thereby creating opportunities for active involvement by Singaporean youths, instilling a sense of commitment and awareness of environmental issues and global hazards.

Eco WALK the Talk is an environmental advocacy portal focusing on Asia. It features eco news, insights, living tips and people, and encourages action from the grassroots level. Talks and workshops are conducted for the public, companies and other organisations to disseminate eco tips and inspiration.

Ecosystem is a platform that allows organizations to have close and long-term interactions, generating larger network of people with common interests, more business opportunities and complementary expertise for each other. It provides co-working space, events, talks, workshops, to green organisations and advocates.

Environmental Technology Institute serves as a focal point for R & D as well as industrial capacity building in the environmental technology sector.

Green Collar Asia is a thought leadership portal featuring macro-level green jobs information related to Asia, along with interviews with green professionals and entrepreneurs who share valuable information, skills and mindsets for success in the green sector.

Green Drinks Singapore is a non-profit environmental movement that connects academia, green businesses, activists, community and government, for knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Green Volunteers Network was started in November 1997 to increase public participation in environmental protection by providing a range of hands-on activities and programmes to turn awareness into action. It attracts all sectors of the community, from students to retirees. Since its inauguration, it has grown from 50 to 900 strong and it still expanding.

Ground Up Initiative

Habitat News is a listing of nature related events and links for Singapore based nature lovers and visitors.

Hemispheres Foundation is a private conservation education organization whose goal is to introduce students with education on nature environment through a series of interactive nature awareness programs.

Jane Goodall Institute part of the international network of 26 offices around the world, was founded in 2007 to continue Dr. Goodall's work with humans, animals and the environment. JGIS educates children and young adults about the importance of individual responsibility toward the ecosystem and supports them in taking action to improve their environment for the benefit of all.

Kampung Senang

Lien Aid is a partnership between the Lien Foundation and Nanyang Technological University to advance the provision of clean water and sanitation for the benefit of communities in Asia not yet adequately empowered with sustainable solutions that improve health, alleviate economic stagnation, and mitigate environmental degradation.

Living Green promotes healthy living in a toxic-free environment; fosters closer ties and exchange among like-minded individuals and organizations; develops a sustainable lifestyle which is beneficial to both healthy and ill/suffering children and hopes to build a healthier mind and body so as to build a healthy community.

Love Our Macritchie Forest was launched in response to the LTA’s announcement of the new Cross Island Line MR, which is proposed to run through the fragile ecosystem that is MacRitchie Forest. It hopes that by sharing how special MacRitchie Forest is to Singapore, you will find reasons to love it, and lend your voice to save it.

Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources

Naked Hermit Crabs

Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NTU)

National Environment Agency

Nature Society (Singapore) is dedicated to the study, conservation and enjoyment of the natural heritage in Singapore, Malaysia and surrounding region.

Nature Trekker

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Raffles Museum Toddycats! is the Volunteer/Apprenticeship programme of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, at NUS. Toddycats! is meant to expose, develop, enthuse and apply the individual to programmes in conservation, education and research. Toddycats! originally was an attempt to provide capacity building amongst undergraduates in NUS, to provide a means to contribute immediately towards the greater good of Singapore.

Regional Institute of Environmental Technology provides a forum for dialogue on environmental threats and opportunities in Asia; promote business led strategy response to Asian environmental difficulties; instigate the development of industrial partnerships between technology providers and Asian entrepreneurs for the benefit of the environment.

SAVE- Students against the Violation of the Earth promotes awareness and discussion of environmental and animal awareness issues among undergraduates; as well as encourage intergration of these ideals into their lifestyle.

Sea Shephard Conservation Society

Sembawang Shipyard Green Wave is a shipyard in Singapore promoting environmental awareness in their practices.

Singapore Environment Council

Singapore Environment Institute

Singapore Confederation of Industries Environment Committee looks into environmental issues and policies effecting manufacturers; promote the ‘Green Plan’; promote sustainable development practices amongst members; discuss with relevant government bodies on legislation and matters concerning environmental issues where they impact on manufacturers; work with ASEAN environmental bodies to promote environment friendly business policies; promote relevant environmental technologies and standards to bring manufacturers in line with international requirements.

Singapore Naturalist is a listing of Singapore based nature stories and blogs.

Singapore Underwater Federation promotes and heightens marine conservation through mass participation.

Team Seagrasss

Vision Network

W2E (Waste To Energy)

Wild Singapore is a listing of Singapore based nature activities by nature enthusiast, Ria Tan, this comprehensive site showcases all the upcoming events and activities that nature lovers can involve themselves in.

Youth Environmental Network unites the expertise, energy, vigour of green youth groups into a concerted effort towards a greener environment by providing the platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and plans.

Youth For Ecology seeks to be a credible platform for educating, empowering, andrepresenting young people on environmental issues. Its mission is to foster greater understanding and dialogue regarding local environmental issues.

Zero Waste SG

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