This is a guide to all things at the intersection of Design, Singapore and social change. Feel free to edit if you’d like to improve it!


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Key People

Names are in alphabetical order, hyperlinked to LinkedIn, else Facebook. Listing is based on prior experience in an area, plus a connection to Singapore in some way.

Bernise Ang, Joshua Teo, Koh Zhixiu, Mark Wee, Nanci Takeyama, Shaun Koh, Teddy Zmrhal

International Initiatives

Social Design Network's mission is to inspire social activism through design. It connects people who want to explore ways design can positively impact our world.

DESIS is a network of schools of design and other schools, institutions, companies and non-profit organizations interested in promoting and supporting design for social innovation and sustainability.

Design for the First World (Dx1W) is a competition for designers, artists, scientists, makers and thinkers in developing countries to provide solutions for First World problems: reducing obesity; addressing aging pop­ulation and low birth rate; reducing con­sumption rate of mass produced goods; and integrating the immigrant population.

SG Initiatives

Syinc organises, a design thinking and social innovation workshop.

Design for Change is a world-changing school challenge for children that is simple and powerful in its design. Children are given a simple task: design a solution to a problem in your community and make it happen! “Take one thing that bother’s you, take one week, and change a billion lives” in the words of Kiran Bir Sethi, the founder of Design for Change. SoCh in Action runs the Design for Change Singapore, now successfully running for the second year in 2011. Please visit DFC Singapore for more information.

Social Design Lectures is part of NTU's trans-disciplinary initiative to incorporate design in a social context, in order to add social innovations into NTUs education.

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