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All About Veggie

Asian Insights on Nonprofit Management is Usha Menon's blog which shares concepts, communicate ideas and highlight practices to enhance our ability to impact lives through well run social purpose entities (charities, development organisations and social enterprises).

Bleach Watch Singapore - a blog that looks after Singapore's living reefs.

Bloomerang - a Singapore start-up blogging on green business, social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Cambodia Calling by Diana Saw. One person’s move to Cambodia in an attempt to make trade fair – fair wages for producers and fair prices for consumers.

Changing Asia is Ashoka Singapore’s blog to share news about Ashoka's work in Asia and keep in touch with its growing community.

Chic Vegetarian Cuisine documents vegetarian and organic food outlets around Singapore.

CoMMunity Matters is a blog to engage the public on matters relating to the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore. It is part of the engagement process for the Community Leaders’ Forum (CLF) 2010 Forward Planning Exercise. The primary objective is to help the public to reflect critically on the issues reflected in the various forms of media used on this blog and to provide a platform for the public to freely explore, express and record their thoughts and reactions on those issues.

Conscious Capitalism by Durren Shahnaz. Conscious Capitalism is space for me to explore a system which can bring about simultaneous economic and social good in the world. The players in this system are the government, private sector, civil societies and the global citizens. I write mostly in context of Bangladesh because it is my way to incorporate my country in my thoughts and discoveries around this dynamic new field.

Corridor Chat is a weblog by the staff of the Centre on Asia and Globalisation.. Its aim is to provide insights into the discussion and debates on global affairs and the research interests of CAG.

Cosified is for those who believe in continued effort towards betterment of the society. This site provide volunteers around the globe to share their experience and volunteerism practices, so that others can learn and implement such examples within their local community as well.

Dramabox is a non-profit contemporary Mandarin theatre company that creates a theatre that liberates life. It uses forum theatre in its outdoor heartland performances.

Heather Nurses a Thought On Her Lips. Heather is a Geographer and freelance writer with a keen interest in food issues, human rights and community research. She is currently director of an anti-hunger initiative, Food for All, as well as a socially-oriented undergraduate research initiative, WeSearch!

Joan Bowen - The Special Culinary Centre

Living Vegan - Life of a vegan in Singapore and vegan/ vegetarian related stuff.

Maid in Singapore is a blog by a 29 year old Filipina domestic worker in Singapore, and is her attempt to describe life here as a foreign worker from her point of view.

Migrant Workers Singapore is an archive of stories related to migrant workers in Singapore.

Milaap is an online platform to enable everyday individuals to solve the pressing unmet needs of millions at the bottom of the pyramid.

MTI Futures Group blog. The Futures Group is very young, we look at possible futures in the timeline 2020-25 for opportunities and threats for our principal client. Trends/shifts are like seeds today. Some seeds sprout to become towering trees, some seeds will grow for a short while but have no staying power and will die off. Some seeds never make it. What we try to do is make an educated guess how these seeds will contribute to the forest of tomorrow. Then we backcast and ask “How do we prepare ourselves to survive and thrive in this forest?”

My Feisty Princess - Our feisty princess Charmaine has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She is currently in the 4th stage and fighting hard. We are greatly saddened that such a sweet and cheerful little girl has to undergo so much pain and suffering at such a young age.

Naked Nepal is a blog by Singaporean photojournalist Edwin Koo, who has been based in Nepal since September 2008. It is a labour of love to record down his experiences and fleeting thoughts, as he goes about photographing and documenting the fledgling Himalayan republic.

News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore is an annual environmental exercise conducted by over 2,000 volunteers from more than 50 organisations and schools.

Noah’s Ark

Purple Mangrove focuses on the mangrove areas of Singapore.

Qi Global blog

Restroom Association (Singapore) blog. RAS is dedicated to promoting the cleanliness, design and functionality of public toilets in Singapore. It serves the community by educating the general public about toilet etiquette.

RiverKids Project by Dale Edmonds. About a Singapore-based charitable trust that funds and manages family-centred intervention and supports projects in Phnom Penh’s urban slums with high-risk chidren.

Save Atiqah is a blog about Noor Atiqah M.Lasim, a single mother who was sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court on Mar 18, 2011.

Social Entrepreneur Work In Progress is a blog by Stanley Chia, from Envisage Singapore.

Steady Marriages is a blog to support divorcees and single parents who feel that they are often misunderstood and alienated.


TEDx Singapore

The Flying U by Jared Tham, a blog that documents social change.

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) is a voluntary welfare organisation concerned with low-waged migrant workers. The vision of TWC2 is that migrant workers are treated fairly, justly, and with dignity, and protected by law.

We Believe in Second Chances is a youth-led, youth-oriented campaign in Singapore focusing on being young, enjoying life and being allowed to try again when we fail.

Yong-en Enterprise Limited is the blog of social enterprise arm of Yong-en Care Centre.

Zeus Communications is a group of animal lovers, banded together by passion and our belief that we are the voices for the animals. Our aim is to elevate the status and significance of companion animals in our society, which is long overdue for the good of the animals and humanity.

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