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Key People

Names are provided alphabetically, with links provided to LinkedIn accounts where available, else Facebook. Expertise in this area is based on past or current experience, and if there is a link to Singapore in some way.

Audrey Wong, Jennifer Teo, Kevin Tan, Knik Pang, Mae Anderson, Oscar Ng, Sha Najak, Shaun Teo, Woon Tien Wei

International Arts Initiatives

The Sovereign Art Foundation is a charity registered in Hong Kong and the UK that raises money to help disadvantaged children using the arts as rehabilitation, education and therapy. It runs the annual Sovereign Art Prizes in Asia, and in 2010 collaborated with Arts Outreach Singapore, a local charity that promotes art education and visual awareness in primary and secondary schools, to host its art show in Singapore.

Freedom to Create, headquartered in Singapore, fosters creative expressions and actions by supporting selected programmes around the world. The Freedom to Create Prize celebrates the courage and creativity of artists who use their talents to build social foundations and inspire the human spirit.

SG Arts Initiatives is a portal set up by the Arts and Culture Development Office of the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts to promote cultural philanthropy through online donations and volunteerism to arts and cultural organisations.

The Business Times Budding Artists Fund was initiated to ensure that every artistically gifted child in Singapore be given the opportunity to develop their talent, and should not be deprived of this opportunity because of his or her family's financial background.

Migrant Voices is a community arts charity dedicated to celebrating the artistic talents of migrant workers in Singapore. Through the arts, it creates a platform for migrant workers to share their lives and stories with the community. Till today, Migrant Voices still remains a volunteer-run organization, but with the help of its partners, it has produced forum theatre pieces, plays, music gigs, photography exhibitions, film screenings and many other programmes to engage migrant workers as well as the Singapore community.

Arts for Health aims to provide a caring and comfortable environment in the hospital that is conducive to healing through art. Started in SGH in 1998, Arts for Health offers many creative platforms (visual art, performance, workshops, music and art therapies) for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy and experience art that enhances their physical, social and emotional well-being.

The Little Arts Academy provides opportunities for all children who have strong interest and artistic potential to receive interdisciplinary training in the arts.

Art Against AIDS is a art competition that aims to raise awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The competition, organised by Action For AIDS, Singapore, also encourages community participation, particularly among the youth.

Arts Engage is a network of arts practitioners from various disciplines coming together to discuss the policies that govern and impact their respective practices. Started by members of the Arts Community egroup, Arts Engage is intended to be used by arts community members who wish to engage in issues of art practice, such as censorship, funding, spaces, intellectual property, making a living as an artist, position of art/artists in society, etc., in a more focused manner.

Founded by Lee Huiwen and Kenneth Lau, a husband and wife team of ceramic artists, Studio Asobi's soulful ceramics are inspired by God’s work and providence in their own lives. They craft each vessel lovingly crafted by hand, naming each one and weaving in beautiful haikus to reflect the meaning behind their creations. Studio Asobi donates 20% of its proceeds to a local charity for the homeless, as it believes in bringing joy not just to customers but also the needy in our society."


Social Creatives nurtures community art through youth development.

Akademi Seni Maestro Cilik is an arts outreach programme for needy Malay children.

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